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Personal background
I am a software engineer. I work in an office designing databases and writing software. I am a skilled LabVIEW programmer with a knack for system automation. I live on a 5 acre lawn in central New Hampshire. I have kept snakes since I was 7 years old, and currently have 14 of them along with 4 cats, and a wonderful wife. I love astronomy, and relish the chance to learn more about our universe. I feel we have hardly started on a long road to understanding. I wish people of the world could stop fighting about meaningless things, and work together to understand our place in the universe. But then again, we are the killer apes.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I have been a number cruncher since June of 1999. I am 51 and love building my own computer. I am a true science nut, and my ambition is to build the fastest computer I can, and turn it loose on pure science. The universe is full of galaxies, stars, and planets. There have to be millions of them with conditions were life could develop. Of course SETI won't ever have evidence of any that haven't developed intelligence or have not used radio. It is also important to look at the distance to the radio sources. If there are other beings using radio astronomy, then they would never know about us if they are more than 60 light years or so away. I hope collectively we do find something. To not look for evidence of life beyond our planet would be a terrible crime, similar to sticking our heads in the sand because we were afraid of what we might see.

Current rig "Piggy The Cruncher"
Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard
I7 CPU 980 processor overclocked to 4.2339 GHz, stock is 3.33 GHz.
12 Gig Corsair DDR3 2000 RAM
2 GTX 480 monster crunchers over clocked to 860 MHz. Stock is 700 MHz.
secondary dual black ice GTX560 radiators each holding four 140 mm fans for cooling the twin 480's. One radiator for each 480 driven by an EHEIM pump.
Water cooled with 250 watt aquarium chiller bringing coolent temp to 58°F (14.4°C)
Core temp about 136°F (57.7°C)
12 processors, and 2 effectivs cuda processors 100% throttle, 24/7.
1 Terabyte drive for boot disk.
3 single terabyte drives for extra storage.
1250 watt power supply from BFG
2200 VA APC Smart UPS
30 AMP dedicated power line with twist lock connection.

Lets crunch!
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