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Personal background
Born in 58. Math/Econ from UCLA. Have been an itenerant aerospace worker (the grapes of math?). Technical Fellow at Northrop Grumman. Author of novels published by, composer of symphonic music, I occasionally mount an artist showing at a gallery or booth at an art fair, but science is my "bread-and-butter".
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1a. Do you think ET life exists? Yes, we are not alone in the universe, or on earth, (just ask the dolphins).
1b. When and how will humans discover it? SETI will discover it in 2009. Setting up the conference call will take a lot longer.
1c. What are the possible benefits and dangers...? There are always dangers, whether we act or desist. I prefer the dangers we choose to ones that come upon us. SETI searches our dimension for signals. Einstein's theories indicate that
trans-dimensional visits from an alternate dimension space on earth is possible.
SETI can't see signals from there.
2. Should humans transmit a beacon...? Besides "I Love Lucy" and Uncle Miltie? Too late, we are already radiating. I wouldn't worry about it. Given the distances
and universe of possible timelines for other worlds, our signal is more likely to pass a world that is either pre-technical enough to become aware of us, or too technically advanced to care about us. The only signals we will see are the ones that are passing us now. We may have already missed great civilizations. Perhaps there were great societies of technical people wiped out by the supernovas that have left the nebulas we see in the night sky.
3. Why do you run SETIAhome? Just doing my part to fund research that governments and other scientists are too stupid to see the importance of. I buy books to support writers that I like. I see movies with actors that I like. Now I donate computer time to a research project that I like.
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