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SETI@home is a scientific experiment, based at UC Berkeley, that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

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Born in 58. Math/Econ from UCLA. Have been an itenerant aerospace worker (the grapes of math?). Technical Fellow at Northrop Grumman. Author of novels...


New Nebula progress report
Check out All in the Timing, a report on recent progress in SETI@home's back-end data analysis.
4 Nov 2019, 21:55:27 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home news for Alexa
SETI@home member Morris Penasso has developed a SETI@home News "skill" for Amazon Alexa/Echo that can tell you the latest from our news feed.
You can get it here.
18 Oct 2019, 16:57:08 UTC · Discuss

Servers Remain Up During Power Outage
Large swaths of Northern California, including the UC Berkeley Campus, are under a Public Safety Power Shutoff due to high winds and the associated wildfire risks. Our servers are located in the campus Data Center which is protected by a high capacity UPS. We expect that our servers will remain up for the duration of the outage. Thus far Internet connectivity also remains up although this depends on factors outside of the Data Center.
10 Oct 2019, 16:57:08 UTC · Discuss

New SETI Perspectives: "What to expect from ET?"
Richard Lawn has posted another interesting article to "SETI Perspectives". This one is titled What to expect from ET? .
28 Aug 2019, 17:15:08 UTC · Discuss

Dan Werthimer wins 2019 Carl Sagan Prize.
Congratulations to our own Dan Werthimer for winning the 2019 Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization! The Sagan Prize is presented specifically to recognize and encourage researchers who “have contributed mightily to the public understanding and appreciation of science.” You can read more about the Sagan Prize and see past winners at http://wonderfest.org/sagan-prize/ .
25 Aug 2019, 19:55:37 UTC · Discuss

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