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"SETI is probably the most important quest of our time, and it amazes me that governments and corporations are not supporting it sufficiently." - Arthur C. Clarke 2006

Thank you for considering a donation to SETI@home.

SETI@home is a nonprofit educational and research organization that relies significantly on donations to continue operations. E-mails are currently being sent to all our users asking for their help. This process takes time (we expect to be finished by Nov 23rd). Perhaps your spam filters blocked our e-mail. If you haven't gotten your e-mail yet, you can always read it on line.

And don't forget to tell a friend about SETI@home - we can always use more computing power!

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I confirm my donations on-line?
A: If you already contributed, you can click here to see a list of your donation(s).

Q: How much money did you receive so far?
A: Here is a recent history of contributions to SETI@home.

Q: How is my donation spent?
A: Donations will be spent on staff salaries, server hardware, data center charges, and other expenses.

Q: How much of my donation actually goes to you?
A: Over 89% of your donation goes directly to SETI@home; the rest goes to the University of California, and pays for our office space, server room, and electricity.

Q: How private is your mailing list?
A: SETI@home does not share its mailing list with any other organization.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: If you are in the United States and Canada, your donation is tax-deductible. The University of California is a nonprofit educational and research organization governed by the provisions of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The University's Federal Identification number for reporting and tax purposes is 94-6002123.

Q: What if I'm not in the U.S.?
A: The conditions for tax deductibility described above may only be applied to taxes paid within the United States of America. For any other country or territory, the local legislation and/or International Conventions may sometimes allow you to benefit from similar local deductions, which would apply for the reasons of supporting educational projects and scientific research. You must verify these conditions yourself.

How to Donate

You can make a secure, on-line donation to SETI@home using your credit card or VISA check card.

Click here to make an online donation via credit card or VISA check card

NOTE: Some browsers (especially older ones) may experience trouble with the SETI@home donation site at if the browser doesn't recognize COMODO CA, Ltd as a valid security certification authority. Details and a workaround are available here.

Other ways you can donate:

  • If you would like to set up a monthly/quarterly donation directly from your checking/savings account, please fill out this form and send it to the address at the bottom (make sure to put "SETI@home" as the fund name). Warning: since this method is not automated you may not get a green star after your donation is completed.

  • If you want to donate by check/money order, please follow the instructions on this form.

  • PayPal users: We vastly prefer the other donation methods listed above (due to lower overhead and ease of management), but if you can't contribute to us otherwise, you can now use PayPal. Thanks to the helpful support of the GPU Users Group, they are collecting donations via PayPal for SETI@home, which (after the standard PayPal overhead) is redirected entirely to us for general use or to then purchase specific pieces of hardware. The GPU Users Group is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so donations made via this method are similarly tax-deductible. If you use this method, there may be a long delay (as much as a month) before you obtain your green star. For more information, or to make a donation through the GPU Users Group, click here.

  • If you'd like to donate in BitCoin our bitcoin donation address is 1DuKPGnQ16TJpDUKS1CgWvrdVKtRTGPgir We also accept etherium and gridcoin. Our etherium address is 0xc474674e67358c3358dc7f100d9cbf7d79db380f. Our gridcoin donation address is SHJ1iGtngsrMNHXEc8K8J7yxqkaJ6og4du. If you would like to donate another electronic currency or via wire transfer, please contact Dr. Korpela at korpela at for instructions.

  • If you'd like to donate hardware to the project, please donate through the GPU Users Group by clicking here.

Thank you for contributing to SETI@home.

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