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i'm a radio announcer from southern illinois...from my childhood i have been drawn to the stars and what might be out there...i believe there is another intelligence out there...possibly quite different from humanity...and my hope is that someday we can confirm the existance of this intelligence...and if it is possible...make some kind of contact with my dreams things like this have been i would like to see extra-terrestrial contact become a waking reality.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
i believe that extraterrestrial life exists...and i believe that we have been visited here on earth by such far as a beacon is concerned we have no need to send additional information out into space to join the cacophony that we already send...we can only hope that an whoever is recieving our broadcasts is able to sort all of it out to find that mankind is a worthwhile species...and that there is hope for a species that makes war upon itself and commits horrific acts of savagry on it's home planet...i am glad to be a very small part of this may be that the least of us will someday be in the position to learn the most...and that's why others should join see if someday we can find a sign in the darkness of space that tells us we are not alone.


Humanity is it's own crisis...We could be seen as a species of violence...greed...and destruction by a more advanced life form...It's seems we are too busy squabbling over the resources on this small see the benefits of exploring the greater universe out there...We cannot go on like this here on Earth and expect humanity to survive...

To find evidence of intelligent life far from Earth would teach us the lesson of how trivial our struggles are here on Earth...Compared to what is out there in infinite space to explore and embrace..
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