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I'm a single disabled guy(Mainly due to a broken leg back in 2002, joint problems from the fall, OA that started in 1978 from a injury to My right shoulder when I fell on My right side from heat exhaustion, 2 hernias(rib cage and My stomach is partly above My diaphragm, the last makes it hard to breathe, the 1st hurts under certain circumstances), a stiff back(being 6'1" tall doesn't help either), asthma, now I have kidney problems(2 masses(Cysts), 1 in each kidney), severe anxiety, concentration problems, eyesight, depression, I didn't ask or want to be this way, though I've had an MRI, 3 CT scans, 1 Ultrasound(1 CT scan on the Dec 30th 2016 in the local ER), I've never had a lawyer or an attorney to get SSI, just pure medical evidence, plus I use a cane, I'm only heavy cause of My injuries made it hard to move without a lot pain, I'm not able bodied anymore, though My mind is sharp as a tack.

I used to be a Sharpshooter in the US Army(if it moved I could nail it, I never missed, I'm ambidextrous, so I could shoot either right or left handed, yes this even extends to writing, if I had to) and I have an honorable discharge, My dad and brother were proud of Me, which is good enough), I live alone with a cat, Her name is Grace, She's named for My paternal grandma, Grace Dougherty, who was married to My grandpa Earl Bobier(Culver City CA Police Chief w/a Gold Shield that the family still has and City Councilman of Culver City around 1923-1940, He's even mentioned on the Culver City website under fire department, the family owned an Auto Repair Garage/Car Dealership (Long gone, It was at Washington Blvd and Irving Pl, Yes I have pics of that too and the Dirt streets of 1923, He also started up a Bicycle Shop in Palms CA, He sold it in the Early 1950's when He was either 64 or 65 and yes the Bicycle Shop is still operating today from what I've been told and seen online, I posted a pic of grandpa in His smock in front of the Bicycle Shop).

I like trains, cars(Mustangs, I just can't afford one for the moment, I've owned a 1987 Mustang GT, and a problematic 2006 Mustang GT), Aquariums and a PC that I've built and maintain, I'm slowly building a second PC to crunch numbers for Seti@Home, but that's on hold for a bit. And of course I'm 56(almost 57), like My late brother I still have plenty of thick blond hair with a hairline like a 20 Year old. But of course I don't have the 20 Year old body sad to say.

I like Anime and movies on DVD in widescreen. I use My PC for the internet, email, Seti@Home(I like space exploration and astronomy) and sometimes a game of Civilization IV, Settlers III/IV, War Commander(online), I like some football(Packers and/or the LA Rams, though not seriously), SciFi(Stargate, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica(New or Old), Space 1999, etc), My music tastes are varied(no rap, soul, hip hop or Jazz though, as they're just not My bag to use an old term), I can cook and yes even sew by hand if needed(threading a needle with My glasses these days, Once I could do that without glasses).
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