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Personal background
Hello! I am a Network Admin hailing from the Boise, Idaho area. I'm 48 with interests in computers, electronics, amateur radio and raising my family.
I am currently running ~8 PC's which crunch data for the S.E.T.I. @home project exclusively.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I beleive that life does indeed exist, in one form or another, somewhere in the vast expanses of our universe. I think that we may one day enounter signs of life elsewhere but not necessarily by modulated radio waves. Heck, we have probably been visited many times already but just don't have the means to substanciate it. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but if the powers that be knew of the existance of other life, it would be in its best interest to keep quiet about it. For this reason alone its a good idea for private entities to reach out and look for signs.

I don't think we need to send a (special) beacon. I believe we have been, unintentionally, ever since Marconi made his discovery. See, we have such a diverse spectrum of signals being emitted from this planet that it really makes things easier for ETs to pick up, rather than a single norrow-banded signal.

Even if we did, the signal would probably have a narrow beam-width, only be transmitted from one place on the planet and only visible to certain areas of the cosmos for fractions of a second at a time, never to be heard again till the Earths rotation, alignment and position in the solar system are exactly the same. You know, more than a year later. Who would listen to a radio signal if it bleeped on the screen for 1/32nd of a second and didn't come in again for over a year? JMHO
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