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Hailing from Montreal (Quebec), I'm a caffeinated atheist+, ailurophile, optimistic nihilist, secular humanist, chess patzer and librocubicularist. I've worked most of my life as an operator/dispatcher in the field of electronic security until MS forced me into early retirement. I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Delicious, Reddit and here in Team Carl Sagan (on Facebook). I'm a permanent member of rationalist organizations Sceptiques du Québec and Atheist Freethinkers. I'm bilingual (French/English) and trilingual when I've had a beer (or a sleepless night) too many (donc ne vous gênez pas pour me contacter en français).

Whenever I get too worked up about politics, religion, money, or life overall, I try to remember that for a too short while I'm on that small dot in space.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Q. Do you think extraterrestrial life exists?
A. Yes, considering how unfathomably huge the cosmos is, and considering how easily life could arise due to the self organizing properties of matter in favorable environments. Intelligent life is probably much rarer, and it isn't demonstrated that intelligence (as we conceive it) is a positive evolutive survival factor (taking the human species as an example).

Q. Should humans transmit a beacon for others to find?
A. We've already been transmitting a lot since I Love Lucy. I would understand if an extraterrestrial civilization decided to quarantine us for a while after listening to Hitler or their wannabees. High-power targetted transmissions should be subjected to the complete oversight of international high-level scientific commissions. No amateurs, tyrants or psychos should speak in the name of humanity.

Q. Why do you run SETI@home?
R. I'm a romantic nerd at heart, my cat seems to love the humming and the heat generated in winter, and citizen science can certainly help us (until quantum computing reshuffles the cards) find that elusive extraterrestrial technosignal.

Q. Any suggestions?
A. Perhaps we should initiate a major, and I mean a major, international leaflet campaign to ask our so-called extragalactic undercover alien visitors to provide at least one tiny piece of material evidence they really exist outside our feverish imaginations ? Or not.

In the end, wether there are - or not - extraterrestrial entities arguing on intergalactic channels about who is growing the best coffee beans (an essential component of any successful civilization), the consequences are formidable. We need to know and, if in spite of fantabulous projects such as SETI@home we can't, then on one of those more glorious days, we will be the ones comparing and discussing on these same channels the respective qualities of Earth's vs Proxima Centauri b colony's coffees.


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 “ I don't want to believe. I want to know.” - Carl Sagan

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