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"SETI is probably the most important quest of our time, and it amazes me that governments and corporations are not supporting it sufficiently." - Arthur C. Clarke 2006

Below is a list of all SETI@home/BOINC users who made donations to SETI@home since 2 Mar 2020, 5:43:25 UTC

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Andrew Baconarea51Ariartemis8Belldandy
bikr0Bill CrosslandBruce AlexanderCharlesCommander Xell
Dawn EchevezdeleteddiggybittsDon SantaviccaDufman
fireballHenri le Terrienhonzavimpatientpatientjamaral
James LenzJFM56JWS2115LeeedMert Paksoy
mneighborsNorman HeinlynoseedoughOmRich
ScanmanScannerWillSeppo VisalaSeth DeeDee CodySteven Kusnitz
tilenius - Eric W. TileniusTobiasTurritopsis Dohrnii Teo En MinguweVladi Ivanov

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