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I am From Glasgow,Scotland, happily married for 44 years. Attended The Open University studying Physics ,Chemistry,Biology and Earth Sciences. Majoring in Biology.This is my dog Boris ,who sadly had to be put to sleep on 31st Oct 2013 aged 14 an amazing age for a Boxer and an amazing dog. What a great character he was.R.I.P. My faithful old Friend.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Ever since I was a child I have looked up at the night sky wondering if anyone or "anything" was looking back. And now with the number of Exo-planets being discovered I would be flabbergasted(in point of fact my flabber has never been so gasted since I first considered the whole bleeping concept :0}) to find we were alone in this Great Cosmos. Astro-biologist/Astrophysicist, Carl Sagan was a hero of mine and to many millions of other like minded individuals around the World and I would recommend anyone to read his books on the subject. The Dragons of Eden and Brocas` Brain were particular favourites of mine,which gave a study into the evolution, in our case,the evolution of Human intelligence that can so easily be extrapolated to ETI, after all there is such a thing as convergent evolution so you can take it a step further and apply it to a "Universal" occurrence, I just wonder however that beings, thousands or even millions/billions of years more, Technologically/Biologically and perhaps dare I say Spiritually, advanced than the Human Race would still be using something as primitive as radio. Laser beams /quantum packets of information............whole histories of civilisations, that have been and gone, have still to be, and will be discovered.......... that to me this is the purpose of the Universe,to learn about explain it`s own "existence"......what the bleep do we know In comparison to the "approximated"? age of the Universe... 14 Billion years, we are just the new kids on the block when it comes down to it. Should we not be considering the theory of Branes(membranes) and the concept of a Multi-verse and String Theory ....Inter-Dimensional existences.... Thank You Carl Sagan and Frank Drake for the concept of Seti and for normalising the discussion of these topics.... Addendum:World Health Warning to any and all ET`s. Eating Human Beings could seriously damage your health! It says so on the wrapper:o}
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