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I think they're out there, perhaps seti can find them so we can invite them over for a nice cup of tea.

I wrote this poem based on some of my experiences on the seti@home forums. Forum text has no visual cues to help interpret the writer's meaning. There is no voice intonation. You bring that when you read the posts in your head and you can't always be sure if what you hear is what was said.

Internet reflections

People bring themselves to what I write,
In a poem this is a good thing.
On an internet forum its shite.

Your head puts in place
Of my voice and my face
Your preconceptions and malevolent hate
My real tone is lost and distorted
My meaning and intent aborted
All purpose of communication thwarted.

If a poem is a partial reflection
The spaces of meaning left to cause diffraction
subjectification .

As if I'd placed a looking glass to see who you are
And neither of us liked the answer
So you pour your hate into the spaces I meant
to be filled with revelation, playfulness and laughter.

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