Profile: The Simonator

Personal background
Occupation: Pharmaceutical and Cancer Chemist, Trombonist and general expert in everything.
Likes: Steak, Top Gear, Kayaking, Beer, Automotive tinkering, Home-brewing, Scouting, Geocaching.
Dislikes: Bottled Water, Vegetables, misuse of the word "like", Militant Vegetarians, Stupid People, Environmentalists, people who don't know where to put an apostrophe or that colour has a U in it, TV 'talent' shows, signs at supermarket checkouts reading '8 items or less'; it is '8 items or fewer'!
Political view: 'leave me alone'.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Given that the universe is (to all intents and purposes) infinite, every conceivable combination of events must have been played out somewhere. So if humans and liverpudlians managed to evolve from the primordial mush that was early life on earth then surely intelligent life has evolved elsewhere. However a search for intelligence on this planet ultimately proved fruitless, what hope do we have in a canvas the size of existence itself.
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