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Personal background
I am an *Oggie-Woffer* by origin, having grown up in a fishing village (traced family to before 1232AD), and I now live in a Lincolnshire (UK) farming village. This is Robin Hood country.

I am one of the older crunchers and interested in technology. About 20 years ago I designed and built booster and sustainer rockets for Civilian and the Military, as part of meterological research or missile systems. I now make my living advising firms on their product and process technology.

Leisure is spent swimming, our children (when they visit), walking my dogs (had 8, now have 6), eating and drinking out (local pub is superb), computers, net-works and BOINC-SETI.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I became interested in Classic well over 6 years ago, after an article in a UK science magazine. I also have an interest in - stars, the solar system, NASA articles coming out about current research on life, detecting extra solar planets - and many more ET type things. I joined Classic in the Autumn of 1999 and have run it since, including SETI-BOINC.

I believe ET exists and there are many civilisations out there (blind faith?). Although I think it unlikely we will hear the telephone ring in the next 10 years. The reason is we are seeking a technological intelligence similar to ourselves. This does not mean we should not try and detect them.

However, I think their technology cannot be no more than a few hunderd years ahead of us. One of our assumptions is they will still employ RF technology in some form. I think this reduces the probability that we will make the first contact without them approaching us first.

Technology trends on this earth suggests that with the introduction of faster broadband that most of our TV/music demand within 10 years might be delivered this way. This leaves the high power RF spectrum to the military (can be very high power) and mobile comms (low power). So earth will become a more quiet radio place.

This is a very worthwhile project, and I will continue, with many others, to support it!
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