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I am Jordan, a 23 Year old cybersecurity student. Astronomy is a life long passion of mine. I've sought to learn everything I can about our universe, which turns out to be a never ending process. I try to be a good person.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1.) As long as the grand question is unanswered the work will be necessary. It is possible the work will continue without major discoveries for centuries, perhaps even longer. There are too many unknown variables to be sure, but if we did not look for other people in this universe, like us or radically different, we would hardly be human. I hope we will discover intelligent live in our universe outside the confines of this earth, and I hope to have contributed a small part to that end even if it will only pay off, if at all, for the generations to come. The work must be done. It must be done without undue attachment to the fruit of its labor.

2.) SETI@Home is vital, a pristine example of citizen science that I think ought to be encouraged. I would work for SETI if I could. BIONIC represents something new; decentralized confederated computing towards a common goal. I think the endevour is far more beneficial to society than using my GPU's to mine cryptocurrency. Return financial anonymity to citizens, accountability to corporations (insofar as they exist) and get the crypto people using their GPU's for BIONIC!

3.) Using light as a medium for primary communication is much too slow on a cosmic scale. Perhaps there is 'alien chatter' all around us but we have not yet developed the technology to detect it. That a "radio that works anywhere in the universe" has not been created by a species, assuming there are as many as some possible results of the Drake equation suggest, seems highly unlikely. Perhaps some sort of quantum "radio" is out there that we just haven't developed the technology for yet. If we're dealing with some intelligent civilization that's been around for millions of years longer than us I doubt they'd be using radio waves (or light waves generally), unless of course they had their own SETI-like projects utilizing signals collection/ analysis and broadcasting.

Surely there are other xenophile and/ or lonely civilizations out there! It would also be astounding to come across a civilization that was at around our level of development. Regardless of it's level, just imagine what we could learn from one another, and the impact it would have on our own society!

Being so desperate to find signals from other civilizations we should perhaps not be so hesitant to broadcast our own existence into the cosmos. More specifically, if we could somehow encode and broadcast in detail genetic information it would be possible for a sufficiently advanced civilization to reconstruct human beings using just that data, assuming our genetic structure is not too unique. Perhaps in this we could ensure at least the possibility of our own continuation as a species given our rapid technological process and the instability of our society.

Be we alone, how grand! The universe is ours! Be we not alone also, how grand! What wondrous civilizations, people's, and beings we shall come to know! Every bridge has a person who first walked across it, dare!

Infantile though we are, currently our society is growing in all fields at an exponential rate. This is a very interesting era, and I would not be surprised if people born today were of the generation to make first contact.

I think it import ant to use the term "person" to describe a member of an extraterrestrial race or artificial intelligence. No matter how different from us they are, they are entitled to the same "human" rights each of us are (yes I know these are social myths but they are largely benevolent social myths).
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