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Personal background
Where do i begin then?

I'm from a small town in Sweden called Norrkoping, 45 years of age and i'm living together with my lady.

Working as an consultant at kafit in computer hardware, networking , IT security etc. You can find me over at linkedin also which more thouroughly describes what i know and don't know and do regarding computer enviroments.

The picture is showing one of my systems when i had populated it with 4 x Nvidia GTX295 boards and reached a S@H alltime high with about a RAC of 113000 credits during the autumn of 2009.

My hobbies from the start has always been electric with electronic mykits with discrete components and later on computers began to be the main interest, i started fiddling my first time with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and started programming and played games when i was 12 years old.
Since then computers have evolved dramtically, the most funny time in my computing experience was when i had an Amiga 500 with 68030 turbocard (which i ofcourse overclocked) and SCSI harddrive.
With that machine i programmed in assembly and basic, made music and started to get seriously involved with that platform which later made me know how to fix them too.

When i was studying upper secondary school i got a spare job as computer repairman on a local firm repairing Amiga hardware and i'm particular proud of that i managed to repair a machine which one of the four Commodore certified repair centers couldn't fix here in Sweden , even though that one was a tough one to beat ;) .

Things have really gone forward since then and things don't seem to slow down. If the straight line can't be pushed further then make it wider and that seems to be the overall theme nowadays.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do i run S@H?

Because at first i thought it was an cool project to let your spare cpu cycles come to a real use and later on when other friends joined in too it started to get like a small competition against them and on that line it is.

Nowadays my friends has since long abandoned this but i've put so much money in this so i can't abandon my #1 spot here in Sweden, that needs to be maintained.

My views about this project is that it's among the coolest thing that have happened in ages..

Dividing work into payloads that is distributed amongst other hooked machines throughout the world.. C'mon people this is truly it. Seti@home has made the first and biggest mark in the distributing computing area , and this is only the beginning of it and other techniques would follow.

My suggestions .. Hmm , keeping up the good spirit and let the knowledge and ideas free.. With freedom comes engagement and when engagement and ideas comes together then we'll have the true spirit of the s@h community.
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