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Posted 26 days ago by Profile -= Vyper =-
Sure WoW is a competition for some people, and it has always been like that.
However valid science are still being made. That is what counts.

I don't compete with anyone else than myself, and my results from previous years.
This year, I will beat my results from last year at least :-)
Don't forget to have fun though, no matter your reasons for participating.

+1 , Amen to that!

The problem is we humans, we tend to make a competition out of almost anything. I think it's in our nature or how society has formed as to become what we are.
Some people tend to spend their money on going to a golf course, some buy a sailboat and think that's it, some are trapped in addictions and perhaps even need to steal money to continue with their addicts and some people are wacky enough to buy shitloads of graphiccards to crunch as hell to tap their own back and say. "Hey, look what i've done, i'm good. *pat* *pat*"

My own goal is trying to get to one billion credits without filing for personal bankrupcy, because for sure, this hobby ain't that cheap. And we're doing it for free as well! :)

2 cents from me.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002907)
Posted 16 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Sorry to hear that Vyper..

Thanks. But it's a learning curve too. No worries as i can do a return of the cpu! But i hope that this is a rare occasion and doesn't happen on a regular basis.
I read about quite high idle voltages and so but i never in my mind would think that it could be that the cpu is so sensitive for the voltages to get bricked?!

If anyone wonder i had Zero troubles with my Asus X470 Prime Pro motherboard and i flashed to latest Bios before i changed to the 3700X so i wouldn't encounter weird stuff.
Turned out that i did anyway.

I miss the 3700X! It was a success until that happened and i still wish Amd best of luck, because it seems like they outsell Intel on various locations.

This will be ironed out in the long run so i'm not worried. I'll be back with a Zen 2 later on again. :)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002880)
Posted 16 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
I'm done with the tests.

For some reason and i don't know why, the 3700X got degraded slowly until it couldn't even start Windows sometimes. I thought it was the graphics etc.. But as soon as i exchanged to my old 2700X all is working again.
To clarify, all was good and peachy and stable until yesterday where the computer suddenly rebooted after some upgrades to Ubuntu, after that i couldn't start up and as soon as i was in desktop for a few seconds it autorebooted again.

Thought some upgrades wacked it and i cleared that one up. When nothing was working i got tired of it and booted Windows and was surprised that it rebooted in Windows just the same..
At that point i know something was up and i flashed to a earlier bios which were more unstable..

This day i changed GPU, did a memtest and all was fine but it wouldn't function in Windows or Ubuntu. Then i got tired and switched cpu back with the same settings.
And everything is back as before.. (I'm now typing in Ubuntu again) and Windows works with everything.

So all in all i've got myself a bricked 3700X for some reason after running S@H 24/7 with default voltages and no overclocks whatsoever (I don't OC the cpus anylonger, i want silence) ...


4) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002860)
Posted 16 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Have anyone reported some struggles with 3700X (Zen 2 series overall)
My 3700x started to reboot sporadic and only got worse and worse.
It started with a reboot in Ubuntu, tried to get it going, got it to work but then it was the same in Windows too, sporadic reboot.

Noes! :-/

(EDIT: When i installed my 2700X again all seems peachy, to be continued with the tests)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002525)
Posted 14 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Yes. It was the AVX version and i use a noctua nh-u14s cooler.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002385)
Posted 13 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
The temps of the 3700x were fine in Windows.
Did run prime95 and test etc. It did go to around 70 degrees C at max with SMT enabled.
When i run SMT disabled it is around 65 instead.

One thing that i mentioned in one test suite is perhaps why i always tend to disable any kind of HT even since Intel times is that one benchmark when i ran a GPU test is so much slower in SMT enabled vs SMT disabled... 220 FPS in SMT Disabled mode vs 172 FPS in SMT Enabled mode even if the cores speed were roughly the same..

I will test that further on, Is still in vacation mode etc etc.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002241)
Posted 12 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Yes. Youre correct.

If someone want to point out a simple link to a working benchmark set i could do some benches 4 u later.

Are on a phone and cellular atm.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002095)
Posted 11 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
And i installed my 3700X.

Love to see what it could do later. Don't have time now. Happy to see that 18.04 works as intended.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Ryzen and Threadripper (Message 2002011)
Posted 10 Jul 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
They haven't quite matched Intel on IPC (Instructions per Clock), but overall they're damn close. But when it comes to programmes that can use multiple threads, and power efficiency, they have certainly taken the lead.

No quite right.
Amd has surpassed it..

In Swedish it says that the cpus are running at 2.8Ghz so we can clearly see that if a processor is pegged at only 2.8 the Ryzen 3000 series is now in the IPC lead over Intel! Hats off Amd.

3700X soon in my pc. :)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Setting up Linux to crunch CUDA90 and above for Windows users (Message 1993523)
Posted 12 May 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
I tend to agree.

The 970 is actually quite strong contender and doesnt go much further than 160W or so when crunching.
With the special sauce it still produces around 42K Rac without much trouble and in terms of bang/buck when looking on the second hand markets you actually can build quite a cruncher if you get held of a Mining board with lots of PCIe's and those cheap 970s.

Take a descent cpu, 8GB ram (Perhaps) , SSD , and two good PSUs, couple that with 10 pcs of old 970s and you have a box that pulls around 1,8Kw producing 400K Rac+ for not that much money (compared what it can cost when purchasing new stuff)

So all in all i agree that the 970s are still quite good power/performance ratio but is certainly not comparable to a 2080Ti that pulls 185W and produces roughly 150K/day but for the cost of one 2080Ti you could buy almost 15 GTX 970s in my country nonetheless.

Thumbs up for 970 & special sauce.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : have more GPUs than actually exist (Message 1991560)
Posted 26 Apr 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Oooh nice find..

This is my 2080Ti Host

I took 230W of usage as i'm using the CPU core to feed the GPU.

Avg: 31.7 30.0 63.4
STD: 54.4 54.2 119.4

0.50 seconds per credit from above info one device
1.9998 Credits per second for one device
Times shown above were divided by number of concurrent tasks(1)
7,199 number of credits in an hour this system
170 total watts used by a single producing device (avg each work unit)
7,199 credits per hour for exactly one device(1 tasks)
A kilowatt hour will theoretically produce maximum of 42,348 credits each device this PC
Use the above KWH credits to compare this device with any other device
as the overhead (idle) has been removed
Actual credit product is less because the GPU has idle time between tasks
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Downloading tasks for offline re-check (Message 1991284)
Posted 24 Apr 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Jason had a 560Ti. The way I remember it, the card was notorious for producing a 30% inconclusive rate out of the box .

You're correct, i had one of those 560Tis aswell, it was faulty at stock, but i didn't increase the voltage, i took a bios editor and cloned my bios, and then lowered the core frequency about 50Mhz or so. Then it produced valid results and thus i could edit and reflash the bios with failsafe values instead.. :)
13) Message boards : Number crunching : High performance Linux clients at SETI (Message 1990244)
Posted 16 Apr 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
The New All-In-One is in place, at the same place

Thank you!!
It seems like it works on the 750Ti aswell.
Shaving of a minute of the time, 24% faster..

Well done lads!!
14) Message boards : Number crunching : RTX 2080 (Message 1990118)
Posted 15 Apr 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
still works on pascal also. just needs new drivers for the specific version he has.

mine needs 410, it's only CUDA 10, his needs 418+ since it's CUDA 10.1

Might it work for 750 Ti aswell?
15) Message boards : Number crunching : RTX 2080 (Message 1989640)
Posted 11 Apr 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
You can look here.

But i would say it depends on the WU itself. 12-30% slower than 2060. Most bang for the buck is still 2060 i would say.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Superfast Broadband upgrade (Message 1989034)
Posted 6 Apr 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
A tip!

Don't go the extender route, it just planly sucks and have been all along (mostly).
Go the Mesh route.

Build a good network with for instance Unifi devices or perhaps their home appliance Amplifi.
It's so worth it and you can wireless extend it with flawless stability.

For most people it's enough with a Unifi Security Gateway, Directly connected to a UAP-AC-M and take another UAP-AC-M to Mesh further. Done!

If you want a Switch go for a USW 8 Port and use the number 8 port to power one of the Accesspoints with PoE.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : User achievements thread......... (Message 1988047)
Posted 30 Mar 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Ffs!! You rock!

Now if anyone could port it to Wintendo too, but for my part it doesn't matter nowadays.
Hats off to the achievement!

As we all know, make sure that it validates thoroughly towards old 0.97 version, and the main cpu executable (s@h original).
Valid work is crucial at this rate it completes work.

Btw, is it possible to "look" at the cpu portion of the code to see if other optimisations can be done there. In my case i use old cpus to feed new gpus. So less "cpu" is wanted if possible :) Lol.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : High performance Linux clients at SETI (Message 1985628)
Posted 17 Mar 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Yes exactly.. Press update, switch back to tasks, boom! Straight to the bottom.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (115) Server Problems? (Message 1985627)
Posted 17 Mar 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Not to turn on the panic bottom but

Did anyone tried to see it's validated WU for example? In my case the page runs, runs & runs but never opens.

The web site is getting fairly slow when trying to view any tasks now. Doesn't matter the page type.

Perhaps they forgot swappiness = 1 or something :P
20) Message boards : Number crunching : User achievements thread......... (Message 1985457)
Posted 16 Mar 2019 by Profile -= Vyper =-
Ok, i give up then :)

I do understand that sometimes you dont want to mess with other things. I'm not saying he should give up Windows entirely ofc. Just shut down a system , remove the harddrive and put in another one, and boot that Linux USB to install a Ubuntu Desktop. From there a teamviewer session can be made to aid to set it all up and make the WUs fly out of the machines.

If it was to much to cope with, just empty the cache and shutdown to change to the Windows harddrive and never look back.

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