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Machinae Supremacy, The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall.
(off of Phantom Shadow, copyright Machinae Supremacy 2014)

I don’t believe my eyes
Is it really you,
are you really here?
Is it really you?
You were dead and gone,
but now here you are

Here you are

But you are Different now, I see
They have turned you into what I used to be
(No,) more a Phantom than the old me, really
And you have come to fight with me?
I wish this would not be
I wish it wasn’t up to me to end you

But even so, here we are
No reason
No regret
No words to say

So be it

Machinae Supremacy on Myspace.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
It proves some people hold grudges and grind axes for life. Pax Domini means nothing to them.


Language lesson:
Why do you type it's when you mean its?
You don't type hi's for his, her's for hers and our's for ours, so why do it with its?

It's is short for it is, or it has. "It's got blue corners".
Its is the possessive form for something, neuter. "It downloaded the files for its new tasks".
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