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Personal background
I'm from Barcelona, (Spain). I'm 42 years old and my Hobbies are very, very different, but three of the most important are poetry, exobiology and astrophysics...

Since I discovered the SETI project in 1980, -when I was only a little boy-, I came to take interested through the TV Show "Cosmos" of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, and since this moment my passion to listen radio signals of other intelligent peoples -E.T's-, ;) are very big inside my heart, just at moment in 1999 when I discovered the SETI@home project in Internet. Among these years (2004-2015), I discovered most BOINC projects that I know, and my brain and my heart felt the need to participate in BOINC projects... In November this year, will make 15 years to actively participate in SETI@home and other various projects that I consider important.

In 2006: Since five and a half years ago, I'm an active member of the SETI project, and I can always be watching spend hours on the computer monitor... I'm listened the background noise. I've more than 7,965 hours of work and more than 593 classic Work Units and BOINC II Units processed to this moment, (not 472), but one time... In the work unit number 74 I could see something strange, just became the data analysis when I advised that the SETI@home client was not right as another times, and doesn't analyzed more than the 1% of the work unit and it take my attention to connect to leave the results. I don't know who was it, but I field any "strange thing" through my all body... :) For me, this is necessary for my understanding of the universe as a reality as understood in physics.

Well, now I Know what was it (an test work unit from Berkeley, but I still feel fine when I remember that experience). One of these days, I'd love to emulate Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking without disappoint anyone. That is my dream. ;)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Ufff! Very hard questions to answer: :)

1. Why do you run SETI@home?

1. - About 1999 when I discovered the project, my passion was try to help to find "anything".

2. What are your views about the project?

2. - I desired to help in the most ambition scientific project -and other projects of BOINC-, but also the most beautiful of the history of the humanity. It's good, because of the scientific, religious, politicians and social benefits, that are not calculated today, but it have more human relevance that the possible damages. And this project (SETI and others), may make a strong union between the humans. The Humanity needs some connection to cosmos: any question, a project and a very important answer... And two very important questions: Who speaks for Earth? Who speaks for the Humanity, life and flora and fauna?

3. Any suggestions?

3. - The extraterrestrial life, is something wonderful that may be discover. It's a travel to the future and the past in the same time, is a huge point to reach, but marvellous to discover that we are not alone. I think that we will discover ET's in the future, if is not with this project maybe with and others. This of discover, will be very good for the science and the unique damage will be a biological damage. I think many times about it, and maybe we will not be able to make a "real physical contact" like the science-fiction contacts, but i think that I will be good over wise. Our Radio and TV transmissions are enough to "them" to listen the humans, but may will be a radio telescope -o more- continuously sending signal to the out space, signals with all kind of data: our discovers, our knows, our history, all day and night, and if all the humans make a fatal error our remember will seal the deep space for all the eternity.
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