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Mostly harmless.

Why the alias Questor? It comes from the made for TV film written by Gene Roddenberry (Mr Star Trek) called The Questor Tapes (1974) which was made as a pilot and unfortunately never taken up by the TV companies. (see also Wiki)

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Views about the project and why run SETI@home?

SETI could just turn out to be the most important thing we as a species ever do.
If we are to believe the worlds scaremongers then our future looks bleak. Our civilization could end because of global warming, ozone layer depletion, overpopulation, war, pandemics, depletion of natural resources, the disappearance of the honey bee etc etc. Our planet could be in collision with another object large enough to wipeout all life or ultimately will be destroyed as Sol goes supernova.

Given time we may manage to sort out the problems which threaten our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. Ultimately we may manage to survive the destruction of earth and move out into the cosmos. If we can't do all this on our own then perhaps there is someone/thing out there who can help! Wouldn't the act of just making contact be the most significant event imaginable.

We seem to live in a universe whose forces can be manipulated to achieve any end - radio waves, electronics and computing to name but a few. Fusion power may one day become a reality along with the science fiction dream of folding space ((c)the warp drive) or something so far beyond our current thinking we cannot imagine it. We may even get to go and visit our celestial neighbours - or they may come and visit us (some say this has already happened) How much easier if we've already made contact and know where to go and look - SETI is the means to that end.

Many great people have already given us a glimpse of that future - Carl Sagan, Gene Roddenberry and too many science fiction writers to name. They have all made us dare to think - 'What if ......'

Why do I run SETI@Home? Because of the hope that in some small part I can make the dream above become a reality and not forgetting of course - it's fun!

Perhaps the question should be - why not run SETI@Home? To that question I cannot think of an answer.

Any suggestions
Lobby politicians to give the project the funding it deserves and to allow greater advances to happen. Imagine where the project would be if it had a fraction of the budgets allocated to it that are spent on the miltary each year..............

Give thanks to the dedicated team that keep SETI going and to all the crucnchers across the globe who donate their computing power to making the processing possible and for showing what we can achieve when we all work together as a global community.
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