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Steve Croft
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Message 1699033 - Posted: 6 Jul 2015, 18:29:25 UTC

Developer Matt Lebofsky is key to keeping SETI@home software & databases running. Check out our latest video profile of one of the guys who sends you your work units.
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Message 1699035 - Posted: 6 Jul 2015, 18:36:28 UTC - in response to Message 1699033.  

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Message 1699058 - Posted: 6 Jul 2015, 19:28:17 UTC

Thank you for those bits, Matt.
Very nice to put a face to somebody that I have had comms with only via emai.
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Message 1699105 - Posted: 6 Jul 2015, 21:48:07 UTC

Enjoyed The Video

Sometimes I wonder, what happened to all the people I gave directions to?
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Bill Butler

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Message 1699381 - Posted: 7 Jul 2015, 22:22:42 UTC

Thank you for the informative video Matt. I got several "take-a-ways" from your informal talk.

Here's three I'd like to comment on:

1. Reminding us that RFI is a BIG obstacle to SETI. (Maybe RFI is even partly responsible for the decline in use of the Arecibo telescope.)

2. Out of frustration with RFI your remark that a radio telescope on the dark side of the moon might be about the only way to get some clean signals. I think a lot of people have thought of this and wished for this. The comment hit a nerve! The thought is certainly another reason for manned planetary visits. If the darn trip to Mars wasn't one way, it might be fun to go there for a year, set up a radio telescope, start a clean data relay back to earth, then get back home for Christmas! (Actually, I could probably only stand <=6 months there!)

3. Reminding us that SETI is so awash in operations, over burdened servers, and data now, it is hard to get any actual "work" done.
(The analogy that comes to mind is a very thirsty guy trying to get a drink from a fire hose. You might say that, currently, SETI is a victim of its own success!)

Wow! It sure was great to hear all this "inside information" and historical comparisons from you. Keep up your good work with your continuing enthusiasm.
"It is often darkest just before it turns completely black."
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Message 1699857 - Posted: 9 Jul 2015, 16:12:59 UTC - in response to Message 1699381.  

Great video!!
Many Thanks to Matt..
Wish he could put some of the admin knowledge into a book.
(would be great reading!!)

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