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Personal background
Born in Louisville Ky in 1950, I was raised in St Pete Fla and returned in 1972 to "My Old Kentucky Home". I hired on at a bank in '73 and made a career out of it until laid off in '93. I went to another bank then to start over. BUT it was in 1969 that I met my first computer. It was a "NOVA" mini-computer by Data General, a pre-cambrian flint tool by today's standards. But I could see the door to the future opening. Although I had failed to get anything more than an associate's degree from a junior college my interest in the old Apple and TRS-80 micro computers gave a big advantage in the work place. Today of course they are like the old Model-T (or model TRS?). The power of computers today makes my head spin, but it's awesome. PC's were a hobby that got into the real world. Another hobby was what were called "wargames" specifically those by a company called Avalon Hill. But they always had to bow to the real world. In the mid '90s many local area networks ran a computer game called VGA Planets which was a great diversion. Today I am enjoying a computer game called Civilization. One of the images that I downloaded from their site I've chosen as my picture.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
When the suggestion came from PBS's NOVA that I could do some processing for SETI, I immediately knew that I had to. Science shows have been enterainment for me, although certainly better for the brain than some of that commercial network garbage. But to actually be able to contribute meant something. (And it doesn't really cost anything).
As to the project itself I don't think we'll actually find anything in our lifetimes. But the effort itself promotes science and then there's all that data. It's not being thrown away is it!? New ways to analyze it will be devised. And I get a kick out of it too. When I come home I like to joke "ET phone yet?"
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