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I'm a 30 year old guy living in Coventry, England. I've recently started up my own IT company with 2 friends (I've made them both run SETI and join the group for our company '4mation data solutions ltd.'!!)
I've been an IT freak since I was 16 but have managed to avoid the nerdy image by maintaining a healthy social life which now consists primarily of clubbing (Hard House). I also got in to DJing about 5 years ago although I'm not doing it so much now.

My other interests are Astronomy, Cosmology and most other related sciences although all strictly at an 'amateur' level. (I tried reading up on The Standard Model in Particle Physics but got lost around baryons and fermions!)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Life IS present outside of earth. It had to be, just think of the numbers involved! Millions upon millions of galaxies, each with millions upon millions of stars just like ours. We'd be arrogant to think that ours is so special as to be the only one harbouring life.
Intelligent life, however, is a different story. The dinosaurs were around on this planet for tens of millions of years more then us without ever evolving intelligence. In the great cosmic game of chance, intelligent life may be rare. Then there are the problems with the distances involved. Our radio & TV signals have been leaking out in to our galaxy for 50 years, but considering the galaxy is over 100,000 light years across, the distance our signals have covered seems trivial.
The odds of discovery are stacked against us, but we as a species are explorers, we're curious. We have to look. Which is why I run SETI.
If we do find intelligent life it will cause chaos. Belief systems will crumble, religions will suffer, nations & people will panic, but ultimately when we have come to terms with out own insecurities we will grow from it. Perhaps our species might even grow up.
SETI as a concept is inspiring, people all over the globe can contribute to a single cause by utilising the untapped power of their PCs. A genius idea that many are starting to copy.
We've added our 3x1Ghz Athlons other lower spec machines to the search. I believe in the search and I sincerely hope it suceeds.
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