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Hardcore Comp/Hardware Freak, needed some type of benchmark 4 my system and gamesbenchmarks I dont like that much, coz they dont use all capabilities(flops...) .....%

2019-Jan CPU upgraded to intel 9gen 9900k / April big watercooling maintenance and upgrades... took about a week =D alotta work and downtime... pheew !!
LunixExpress current maincruncher

2017-Jun added gfx1080ti

Newest addition.. June 2015 NEW RAM 16gigs 2400mhz cl10 and GTX 970 GFX card, still evaluating but looks like overall performance increased at least 30% =3 and 100 watts lower power consumption ^ ^
(was after further evaluation only about a 20% performance gain '^ ^)

New Build Anno 2013 Heizwell ;-) 4 Gen core i7 and Cooler; new mobo with z87x chipset and picked up a used GTX 580, PSU RAM and all other parts are reused from the old rig. Here the new one =)

Actual system build Oct 2008 with Intel Q9950 EM64T SEE4.1 really cool thing, unfortunatly ATI stream GPU doesnt support GPU coop like Cuda with Seti =( but Ive overclocked it now over multiplicator @3.2Ghz and put more DDR3 in it since may 2010 new psu, for more vCore stability FSB still 1600 dualchannel. New watercooling and casemod in planing

U can now check the sys specs here on my account, that feature wasnt available when I made this profile.

(old one from 2003 retired since oct 2008)

....% of my server (but they look great lol), and if Ive solved the cooling of my system I think I could run 2 clients on my server. One 4 each cpu. But now its winter and then the cpu dont heat up that extreme and a watercooling 4 a dual isnt that easy and expensive 2 realize(Im still not sure if aircooling is eough but on a Dual MoBo dont fit every cooler). Im curious bout the x86-64, I think in a year or 2 I buy something like that 2.(=> funny then I never bought the opteron x64)

no AMD no more (I like the new phenom 45nm, but 4 numbercrunching I think the actual Intel core i7 is better)
The Casemod and installing tha Watercooling took me now 4 weeks, if I hadnt such bad luck I would be faster. Had some trouble with the 1st 2 waterpumps, demaged from the delivery.
But anyway; now its done and my cpu's r running at cool 46 Degree Celsius (bout 38° idle/ 48° full load after 2 days). And that complete passive, now its a really noiseless server or workstation. Almost everything is cooled with water 2 cpu's, 1 gpu, nb & 4 HDDs.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
the truth is somewhere out there ;P...__~~

Zitat from the seti usr [JNJ] "I saw a report on TV (3sat, German TV program) on August 26th, 2003. So i downloaded SETI..."
me 2, but I knowed seti@home a long time before the report, but didnt run the client.

So... after serveral years and closing of seti classic und the change to the boinc platform, are my thoughs over seti diverging. Shure not bad the project, also in the past, when I've joined; I thought that this search never has a big result. Finding ET f.e. but is saw the research as evulotionary step. But At this moment I think we should us concentrate what is going on our earth itself, because its our only one an at teh speed of evwolwing, it maybe takes 100-200 years for interstellar journeys. And anyway whe know now that there ist no intelligence near us maybe serveral hundret lightyears away, for us nearly unreachable. So its more a methaphysic and philosphycal theme.
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