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I'm 34 years old, and live in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in the UK. I am a cryogenic engineer by trade, delivering and installing cryogenic tanks and the gases that go in them. My love of computers goes back 21 years, when I had a BBC Model B. I've had Amiga's, Acorn Archimedes, the BBC B, and moved onto PC's about 10 years ago, when I started working for a company that built PC's. I had to leave there due to rubbish conditions, but have never managed to get back into the PC field (although I would dearly love to ! Any jobs going in this field please let me know on !!) My interest in Science and Technology dates back many years, and was influenced by the fact that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon about 18 days after I was born. I do what I can to support SETI@Home, but my wife has kittens when I try to leave the PC on overnight crunching !

Update! Has it been this long? I'm now 39 years old, still live in Stevenage, and been seperated for 10 months now. Nobody messes with my rig anymore and the only time it gets turned off is for upgrades and updates. Still doing the same old job tho...
Updated 27/10/2008
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think that it is naive to think that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. We may not even recognise it when we find it, but it has to be out there somewhere. It may still take thousands of years to discover ET, but anything that we can do now will help. We are refining our search techniques all the time, and I can only think that it will be a matter of time before we discover other life.
I think we should transmit a beacon for ET to find, although I think that we are doing that already with our TV broadcasts, radar etc. For a dedicated project, we should transmit something similar to what was put onto the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft, but in a radio format, to describe what we are like.
It does worry me that humans seem to be so self destructive, as I write this I'm getting updates on the war in Iraq.
I run Seti@Home to play a small personal part in helping to find ET, but mostly I think it's for the Fame and the money (joke). I think that it is a very worthwhile project, and should keep going as long as possible. Maybe the search criteria can be improved, to narrow down those 5 billion candidates we have so far. I don't know if the technology can be improved to make a more sensitive search, and I also think that the Australian link should be looked at again, to give new and different candidates to look at it from a new region of sky. Will probably start BOINCin, when that project goes online, but will still only support the SETI side of it. Updated 28/02/2004

New update! Still no fame, still no money. We're still doing the Iraq thing, and added Afghanistan to it as well. The other war we seem to be having at the moment is with the banks. We trusted them so much, yet we find that they don't actually know any more than us, and their greed was their downfall.

Doing the Boincster now, with AK's super magic optimized code, still only doing Seti. Still not sure about Astropulse yet either. Having fun trying to help on the boards, but still don't seem to know much. Updated 27/10/2008

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