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Posted 10 Mar 2006 by Profile Octobermagic
Has it ever occured to anyone here that we mabye lending our CPU time to Seti in vain? I've been running Seti for a while now and I do believe that it is an important/meaningful project that I would like to contribute to. Howerver do any of us really believe that if we were to find life in other planets/galaxies through Seti or other projects.....would the government really allow it to become public? Just look at the Roswell incident. I'm not one to say that something landed in Roswell, but i do believe something meaningful happened there that day and the government is keeping it from us. I strongly beileve that the government would do everything in theri power to keep it under wraps for the longest. Once again I think all that we are doing is in vain...but then again thats just my thought. Any comments?
2) Message boards : SETI@home Science : What is Seti Doing? (Message 232906)
Posted 18 Jan 2006 by Profile Octobermagic
I understand the concept of Seti and have been running it on my pc for a while now. However I would like to know specifically what it's analyzing. Im just curious to know exactly what is going on at any given time. If anyone can explain or even provide a link where i can get this info would be great.

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