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1) Message boards : News : We're generating work again. (Message 1910542)
Posted 4 Jan 2018 by Profile Rob G
Hi All,
Question from an old, returning Member here. Do we get advised by Seti if we actually find something in the WU's we run ?!
Years ago, before I went awol ... we were advised about potential "unusual" returns from the work we did, but as I've said in other posts, I've been away for 8 plus years and things must have changed during that time ?!
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : Is it possible to merge accounts? (Message 1910333)
Posted 3 Jan 2018 by Profile Rob G
Greets to All,
I too had a similar problem when Boinc came along - only I made a complete hash of trying to merge my original account and I lost a significant amount of Seti credit that, for reasons of vanity, if for no other, it would be nice to know how much work I actually had done on/with/for Seti ?! I posted a question to the board at that time, but the replies I got did not really help me to sort it all out, so I lost heart and decided to bin the whole lot ... Just recently I accidentally came across the Bionc client on a very old CD I must have burned back 'in the day' and I have re-installed it and begun to take on Seti work units again via this (new) Boinc instal. This means that ALL of my prior credit has, as far as I am aware, been lost, so my question here is similar to that of this thread's original poster, only my old credit might be with a different type of acct., so can anyone possibly please tell me if there is a way to perhaps discover, and possibly then incorporate, my old WU credit totals into my current acct ?!
FYI, from the answers I got to my original post back in 2009, it appeared that there WAS a way to do that (at least back then ...), but I've got no idea what or how to do that today, some 8 years on !!
Can anybody out there please help or provide information for me here ?
I Thank You All in advance 8^)
3) Questions and Answers : Web site : Question from a returning (long time away !) client - how to get graphics to re-start after Seti website down for maintainence ? (Message 1910273)
Posted 3 Jan 2018 by Profile Rob G
Hi to all, I have only just returned to the Seti Project after a very long absence (since the introduction of Boinc actually !!). I have got my Boinc application now set up and running well on my Win 7, 4 core system, however, once the Seti website went down for maintainence either yesterday or today, my graphics no longer run - the program is clearly working since, as all of the backed up completed tasks have gone, but no new ones have created graphics since ? Does anyone know why, or how to restore my graphics again please ?!
FYI, as I have been away since practically the introduction of Boinc, I genuinely have very little working knowledge of IT either, so if possible, please be as specific as you can bear to be, thanks !!
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Questions re new instal and Win XP SP3 firewall etc. (Message 885636)
Posted 15 Apr 2009 by Profile Rob G
Thanks for that, however, when I try it, this is what happens ...

This e-mail address ( belongs to an active BOINC account, so we can't transfer its credit to your account.

As the 2 addresses are - or should be - the same, I can go no further with it here :(
Thanks anyway.
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Questions re new instal and Win XP SP3 firewall etc. (Message 885634)
Posted 15 Apr 2009 by Profile Rob G
To try to save space & time, I'll reply to all here ! Thanks to all for your help !
Re old account : It was actually both - SETI and Boinc, neither of which are showing up when I enter my old email details (as per a 'usual' sign in). According to the message I get, there is no such email address in the records ?!! As such, I don't know what to do, or try next.
Re the Windows issue : I am now running Boinc on 2 separate PC's, 1 is currently crunching an Astropulse wu - and IT, although slow, seems to be running just fine. The other, a SETI @ home wu, is acting unpredictably, even though it shares exactly the same preferences and settings, as does the other ? I have made exceptions on both PC's re Windows Firewall, but it makes no difference ? Until today, I was getting many messages saying that the network was "unavailable" on the SETI wu, yet at precisely the same times I WAS able to aquire and d/l data to the Astropulse wu ? I'm at a loss to explain this, unless it has something to do with the 'quirks' of this particular PC ?! Any ideas ?
With regard to wu's : I've noticed that the Astropulse one seems to be huge, in comparison to the SETI one, and 'wants' well in excess of 800 hours (predicted) of CPU time to complete - yet IT is being worked thru faster than the SETI wu is ?! Is there any reason for this, beyond the processor capabilities of my machine(s) doing each item ?
Thanks again for any help you may offer :)
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Questions re new instal and Win XP SP3 firewall etc. (Message 885473)
Posted 15 Apr 2009 by Profile Rob G
Hi All, As a new Boinc user, I would like to know if it is possible to link it with my old results from a previous instal of the Seti@home project (of some time ago) ? Also, I'd like to know why I can no longer find my 'old' account or results here and have had to start a new account instead, meaning all my credits are gone :(
For any long standing users out there, are there any 'tips' or 'tricks' you can suggest that might improve my boinc experience (such as what wu's to avoid, or to do first, etc., or what might make things run more smoothly on this PC, etc., etc.). Are there things that I should be aware of in terms of potential problems with running the boinc software vs. PC stability ? (for example, on my old PC, running seti@home, I noticed that, after a time, my CPU was dramatically slowed down in ALL aspects of its operation, even though the info for the seti client at that time, suggested that this was not possible - it was ...)
Also too, are there any known problems with the latest version (SP3) of Win XP's firewall that may be creating a bottleneck with my connection to the project, as I've already noticed a significant number of 'dropped' or missed connections ? (unfortunately, I had closed down the boinc app before realising I'd need to copy/paste the relevant messages here, sorry !, however, I am sure that it will happen again soon ...). Is there any (firewall) settings that I will need to change to successfully run boinc ?
Thanks to all for your help !!

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