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Posted 30 Jan 2010 by Profile Shari17
Message 966123 - Posted 27 Jan 2010 9:14:11 UTC - in response to Message 966099.
First off, this is the wrong place for your question. You should create a "New thread" in one of the Questions and answers fora.

Gundolf Jahn, thank you for taking the time to reply. Please understand that my life has turned around in unbelievably negative ways during the past two months and two years. I'm not up on the forums and it's difficult for me to begin reading "everything you ever wanted to know about Seti@home," so thank you for taking the time to tell me what to do. I appreciate it!

With wings,

----------Henri Matisse------------

2) Message boards : News : Our router, which connects all of our data servers to the Internet, is down (Message 966099)
Posted 27 Jan 2010 by Profile Shari17
I saw the message about the problem with the disconnect. I checked my projects and 2 out of the three are noted as suspended. What should I do? I don't know what happened and I'm just a lay person and do not understand the technical jargon.

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Posted 20 Dec 2009 by Profile Shari17
May i ask why you were searching for god?
Sure. After I finally stopped my desperate struggle to find logical reasons, and leaned back, saying with Hamlet: "And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy", I simply experienced that opening my mind to accepting that things simply can't explained yet, opened my mind also to others.

When I saw this response on the the message board I had to return to the cafe to respond to it and to ask for direction regarding a broken, not working, project manager.

First of all, I just finished quoting Shakespeare to someone and, by the way, with regard to the
There are more things...
Horatio's name really isn't a part of it. I thought it was a part of the sentence for a long time until I was recently corrected and I know most people, unless they are scholars on HAMLET also seem to believe that the name belongs there. It doesn't.

I haven't been able to run my SETI projects for a long time as my BOINC manager just won't work. Can anyone help? I already tried, several times, to reinstall the BOINC manager but I just cannot get it to work. I really love being a volunteer participant of the SETI program and I'd like to get it going again.

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Posted 2 Feb 2007 by Profile Shari17
I'd appreciate it if someone would e-mail me and/or respond to this post. Has anyone else had the same kinds of experience? Thanks!

Shari, I had a similar problem and the only thing that helped was to reinstall Boinc. I didn't delete my existing installation, just reinstalled.[/quote]

I guess my response is better late than never. Thanks so much for your feedback. I did what you said and now my BOINC projects are back up on the Manager. However, I still can't log into SETI.USA.
5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : What can I do? HELP!! (Message 499931)
Posted 9 Jan 2007 by Profile Shari17
The problems connecting between the BOINC Manager (GUI) and the BOINC Daemon (controller) is something that can be looked into on this board. Help with the login at the team board is going to have to be done by one of the team mates.

BOINC uses port 31416 to communicate between the Manager and controller. BOINC.exe needs to act as a server on port 31416 and BOINCMgr.exe needs to be able to call in on this port. If you have a personal firewall, it could be blocking BOINC's access through this port.

Thanks, also, for this specific information which I shall put under my pillow each night. I really don't want to lose it.

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Posted 9 Jan 2007 by Profile Shari17
Shari, I had a similar problem and the only thing that helped was to reinstall Boinc. I didn't delete my existing installation, just reinstalled.

Hi. Thanks for responding and I did try reinstalling BOINC just after I finished my post. It was the only thing I hadn't tried and the reinstallation was successful. If this happens again I'll know what to try first, not last.
You must be another animal lover!

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Posted 7 Jan 2007 by Profile Shari17
I'm a member of SETI and a member of the SETI.USA team. Some of you might know me. I've been off the boards a lot in the past month and now, when I try to log in to the team board, my name and password are not being accepted and I can't get on the board. In addition, I'm having tons of trouble with the BOINC manager. I cannot connect to it. I always connect through a localhost and I've never really had a problem with it before. These things (not being able to log in to the team board) have happened to me on several different occasions and then someone checks it out and it seems to be working well after that.

I'd appreciate it if someone would e-mail me and/or respond to this post. Has anyone else had the same kinds of experience? Thanks!

8) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Let us be ONE! (Message 493571)
Posted 30 Dec 2006 by Profile Shari17
I just wish you would share your feelings instead of closing all your threads...
Most of them were very good too!

I agree with the above sentiment. I started to add to this post (I'm ashamed to say how long I put it off) several weeks ago. I was not going to make a nasty comment. Perhaps it was controversial but not mean or nasty. When it comes to anything having to do with religion it amazes me how intolerant people can still be, especially toward others who are still looking toward the stars for the biggest answers. Why? Because, we, who are looking toward the stars find there are still no answers that will satisfy everyones' system of beliefs.

This controversy is toward the beliefs people have, but not toward the people who hold these beliefs. What is the fear? I don't understand how we can be scientifically oriented and, at the same time, we can be frighteded about what we might find out!

Maybe we are all schizophrenic or, at the very least, maybe what we find out to be scientific truths just don't back up the beliefs we have held for most of our lives that were based on "faith" alone.

9) Message boards : Politics : Religious Thread [8] - CLOSED (Message 485771)
Posted 20 Dec 2006 by Profile Shari17
Sure. But the source of most ethic rules is based on the Ten Commandments Moses taught to his people several thousands of years ago, means they are based in religion - so the circle closes again.

Granted that some ethical standards originated in religious texts, however this does not mean they cannot be borrowed and adjusted, improved as required for modern society. The ten commandments are pretty much 'common sense' today, even if people dont abide by them, this is a problem of enforcement. However 2000 years ago, they probably weren't common sense or even common which is likely why they were created in the first place.

I also mentioned that organised religion is used as a tool to suppress (and manipulate and……). Note that what individuals believe is safe enough (it’s between them and their God) and cannot be used to exert control, extract money or for example start wars. I would go so far as to say that organised religion is an outright threat to the continued existence and survival of humanity period.
"Has been used", and "can be used" rather are terms I would use, because to generalize this, means to lump all organized religions together, which is entirely wrong. "Organized religions" only are built upon the urge of people who believe the same way, to meet and teach each other. That this has led to some of the most cruel things in history can't be blamed on the organizing itself, but on the people who became the several leaders of those organizations. That it is working otherwise, you can see at least in some of those newer churches and some small religious groups. Nowadays it is said: a church is not just a building or an organization, it is meeting people believing in God the same way.

You forgot to mention, that organised religion also seeks to conquer and convert entire populations... whilst spreading disease and killing thousands. Also how about starting wars, creating social tensions and discrimination (i could go on and on and on).

If some of the most cruel periods in history were because of a particular religion, why can't the entire religion be held accountable? You are suggesting that organised religion has no "group accountability", and this is exactly where the ethics in the bible stop and where mankind needs to start.

I don't think the bible suggests "how to run a religion" (this was left to man)Inside any organised religion there are politics, power and money (just like a corporation) and this is where its gets rather ugly and dangerous. This is what has led to past atrocities and will lead to future atrocities. This is why all organised religion should be disbanded.

If you want to meet with your friends to talk about religion, go to their house, or meet in the park. Don't build a church, collect money, appoint positions of power and a hierarchy. Churches are just like a corporations, especially when people start talking about church sites as branches (just like a bank!).

Which corporation owns more property than any other on the planet??

All organizations, parties and churches, have been and still are trying to establish ethical standards and practices... unfortunately they are slightly different: for some folks too out-of-date, for some folks to progressive; it takes the free decision and intelligence of each individual to meet within the extremes.

The fact remains, that organised religion is not required to form a framework of ethics for people to abide by.

May i ask why you were searching for god?
Sure. After I finally stopped my desperate struggle to find logical reasons, and leaned back, saying with Hamlet: "And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy", I simply experienced that opening my mind to accepting that things simply can't explained yet, opened my mind also to others.

Logical reasons for what? I don't understand. What actually motivated you to 'search for god' in the first place, why was there a need??

Entire governments do it. Look at non secular governments for example.
If organised religions were dissolved, this problem would go away.
Only because even governments do it doesn't mean that it's right. History has shown that government often make even horrible mistakes. As mentioned above: it's not the thing of being organized, but who leads that organization. Even non-organized preachers can be either righteous or impostors. Would you want to dissolve your entire government if you saw they were making trouble, or would you just want the president and several persons in charge to be exchanged? That's similar in organizations - and even in churches, too. It's the people, not the organization itself, who give them the direction to go.

It depends how long the trouble was brewing. If the government had a long history (say 100 years) of problems etc without much improvement certainly.... throw them out! Obviously they are worthless and have no idea what they are doing or are corrupt beyond repair. Let someone new have a go.

Unfortunately with organised religion this is not possibly why? Because they are not accountable to anyone except god!? Has the catholic church ever had an 'ethical audit'? or an audit of any kind?

Corporations and Governments are accountable and if they keep screwing up, they go bankrupt and disappear or are dissolved (revolution?).

10) Questions and Answers : Web site : Can a person feel an allegiance and belong to 2 teams on the same project, (Message 342869)
Posted 20 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
Can a person have an allegiance and belong to 2 teams on the same project,
11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Everyday's little annoyances and other rants... (Message 341632)
Posted 18 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17

Try joining the team again...Just do what you did to join before and see what happens...You may have been the victim of some strange glitch.

I tried doing this and I was told that I couldn't join because I was already a member of team SETI.USA. GO FIGURE. I checked and I'm listed in the roster as a member. And the beat goes on. :(
12) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : TEAM SETI.USA - MEMBERS NEEDED (Message 340716)
Posted 17 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
Now the #1 USA Team, accepting membership, everyone is welcome.

Membership is growing quickly.

Please understand, I'm a member of team SETI.USA. I noticed yesterday, however, that the team name was no longer on my screensaver. I then tried to rejoin the team but I was told that I couldn't join because I was already a member of the team.

I am listed in writing that Shari17 is a member but this fact is gone from my profile and from my screensaver. I keep my computer on for 24/7 so, if I'm not accepted as a member then team SETI.USA is missing out on all my credits.

In addition, membership will not grow if one of it's members has lost it's affiliation with the team for some unknown reason. If it happens to me then it is going to happen to others.

I need to be acknowledged, once again, as a member of team SETI.USA I don't know what to do without help from another member of the team.

13) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Everyday's little annoyances and other rants... (Message 339831)
Posted 17 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
I'm a member of Team SETI.USA. I made a very modest donation the other day and I really shouldn't have done that but I feel an obligation to sponsor my team, even if it wasn't much.

Now I put my Seti@home screensaver on and, lo and behold, SETI.USA has been removed. I tried to find my team profile and I'm listed as not belonging to any team.

I'm really pissed and, to boot, I run my BOINC MANAGER 24 hours a day and team SETI.USA is not getting any of my credits now. I don't know how to fix this and, frankly, I'm becoming a little disillusioned. NASA can send men to the moon and do all kinds of other magic in space now but a simple message board, communities and getting an avatar attached to a profile (here on Earth) is almost impossible for me and, I'll bet, for other members who are not particularly computer saavy.

A little annoyance and rant.

14) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Stem Cell Research - CLOSED (Message 334460)
Posted 12 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
Hi Captain Avatar...I'll give it a shot but I'm not computer saavy.

Nice to meet you too!
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In an interesting development, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement officers have reached over to the South African government via Interpol, to get permission to investigate some major tissue banks there, for illegal havesting and exporting of tissue. The permission granted extends to the equivalent of executing search warrants there to examine the companies' records and banking documents.

I was just wondering what others who see this think about it. Thanks, Beethoven, it is an interesting article and it gives me pause.

You too, Enigma! Bet I know how you'll respond. LOL!

<img src="" border="0" align="ABSMIDDLE" alt="" title="What was I thinking?">

Enigma, this is a link to add a picture to my post. I don't know if it will come out correctly so maybe I need another lesson if the picture can't be redeemed.
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Posted 10 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
By the way, wha t does "modded" mean?

"Modded" is shorthand for "had one's message deleted by a moderator"

Thanks you very much for that "SETI DEFINITION." I'm starting to feel more comfortable around here.
17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Word Association Game (Message 332851)
Posted 10 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
Team of angry Israelis
18) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Stem Cell Research - CLOSED (Message 332447)
Posted 9 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
Hi Enigma...Thanks for the lesson on using BBCode tags. I'm really bad at this stuff but I'll give it another shot. If it doesn't work I will blame you! LOL! Just one question: When writing a response on the boards and quoting, does one HAVE TO use any format at all? I took a look at some of the other messages and there are plenty of things that were quoted but there wasn't a BBCode to be found. Can you quote without actually using any marks at all???

Okay, now I must say that our dialogues have become so long I'm becoming
exhausted. After all, in case you didn't figure it out yet, I'm one of those people who is nearing the age (not there yet - LOL) and should soon be humanely euthanized. I'm fighting for my life here. Please, no KMA (I made that up and it stands for "Knowledge Management Agency." How about JGU (standing for "Just Get 'Um'?" :)

Well years of treatment for something that is going to kill you is just absurd. And only reiterates what a crazy system were advocating. But the drug companies love it, talk about profiting from human-nature. I think our treatment medicine has gone slightly crazy.

I agree. The drug companies are having a party. I did say before that it makes more sense to seek out cures than to spend a lot of time and money ONLY looking for better treatments. The word "ONLY' is the important word in that sentence. People with diseases that are difficult to treat but for whom treatment is a godsend should get the best treatment there is. Another mention is the flu vaccine. Babies, as well as adults, should get a flu vaccine every year. We tend to forget that the flu virus can (and does) kill. People who get the vaccine are usually protected from the flu, right? Two points:

that people are USUALLY protected insinuates that there are some who have gotten the flu have had the vaccine (a milder case of it and recover). In this case the flu vaccine worked as a treatment, not a cure. The second point is that, in the past few years, the vaccine has been in short supply and many who wanted and/or needed it were not able to get it. Why is that? In the case of MOST people this vaccine IS A CURE for the flu. Why has it been in such short supply? Searching for 'treatments' for diseases might just result in a 'cure' for those diseases. In the meantime, many people are offered treatment as they go on their way toward a cure. We MUST keep searching for for both. I don't know where you live, but in NY we have had a shortage of flu shots for the past few years but some people get it. Guess who gets it! The very young, the very old, and those with compromised immune systems have priority over people in the middle range (who have a better chance to fight off the virus themselves).

I asked you "Do the words "family" and "LOVE" ring a bell for you?" You completely ignored that question and that may just be the most important consideration in this entire discussion.

You are assuming that everyone or the large majority of people think the way you do. Perhaps they do, perhaps they don't. I agree family values are important but will this always be the case?

Once again you evaded my question about "family" and "love." You may not believe this, but I'm a liberal Democrat and I'm saying that family, but especially love, will always...always be important. I asked you a question based on emotion but your reply was based on thought. You wondered if the importance of family values would always stay important but, most of all, you wondered if a large majority of people really THINK the way I do. In essence, I was asking how you "FELT" about something and your reply was based upon the word "THINK." So, yes, I believe that most people "FEEL" the way I do. This was more a situation based on feelings. The family bonds can be so strong in most families that everything that can be done to keep a family member alive (no matter what) will be done. Children might hate their parents but, if they have siblings, that's where the intense emotional bond will be found. Whatever the family is it will most likely always have strong emotional bonds based on love. It was these strong emotional bonds that kept man from going extinct and they exist today in an even more intense permutation.

The thing that means the most to the men and women who rocket into space on a manned mission, if they didn't feel it before the launch, come to understand that the love for their spouces and children (for their families) is the most important thing in their lives.

Hey, my friend Anigma, I really have to cut this short (short?)! I think we are having an important dialogue here. I'll be back. In the meantime, give your wife and/or husband and/or mother and/or father or children a kiss and tell them you love them!
19) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Stem Cell Research - CLOSED (Message 331599)
Posted 9 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
Shari, if you wish to use quotes in your response you need to make sure the markup is correct instructions hope this helps.....

I'm sorry about that. I really don't understand much about the technicalities of using the correct form on this message board. I tried to put in a few funny pictures a few posts back and what showed up were a bunch of what looked like hyperlinks, so I just left them in.

Now it was not my intention to upset anyone with my post (however it did occur to me that it may as its a sensitive topic). /END DISCLAIMER [quote]

I was more uncomfortable than I was upset with some of the things you were saying. We're merely having a discussion here and such freedoms I'm grateful for. There are no secret police knocking on the door, if you know what I mean.

[quote]Imagine for a moment if we made concious decisions based on data about what our environment can wistand given our current technology level, this would be novel?? I am not talking about a single nation, i am talking about this gobally (but someone would have to lead the way) [/quote)

Novel it might be but not necessarily better. It might be interesting and open our eyes to many other problems this country is having that need correcting and I'm sure we are caring enough and flexible enough and intelligent enough to work it out without having to eliminate any people. I understand that you are talking about this globally, but when you are discussing solutions to such problems it can only be referring to this nation. We can't change the policies of other nations. They may or may not follow our lead.

[quote] In general, they are WISER than the younger people.

This is debatable however do young people actually listen? I mean the 'ME' generation (there was an interesting post in the polticial thread about this... but it does sum up the way todays youth (born in the 70's 80's and 90's) think.

One doesn't need to go far to understand the behavior of younger generations. They tend to do the opposite of what those in authority tell them to do. At least that's how it was for us in the 1960s. When you are talking about "today's" youth you are NOT TALKING ONLY about today's youth! :) LOL You are talking about the youth that came before the generations you've mentioned, and the picture is the same. Good God! The youth of the 60's generation epitomize the rebellious spirit of youth in general. It's funny how each generation of young people go through the same growing pains, even though THEY think THEY are so different. The "ME" generation has been around for a very long time. How our children are brought up, with the morals they are taught and the experiences they have which they can share (not just with their friends who are just as goofy at that age) with their parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers, family in general...they will turn into the next generation who care about others well-being. Most of my friends from the 60s have become wonderful human beings who care about others, especially the generations that are now coming up (which include their very own children and grandchildren).

A person can't go to school to learn wisdom. Grandparents, who fall into this group, are so very important to our youth.

I would agree, yes that wisdom comes with experience and that can be passed down with significant benefit. However there are other ways of doing this that will become available in the near future (such as knowledge management and AI). [quote/]

You are a very scary person. If a persons wisdom comes down to a system of knowledge management, then it can no longer be called "Wisdom." It will result as knowledge not wisdom and this "knowledge" may or may not result in a substitute that will be called something else. It certainly won't be wisdom. Wisdom, by it's very definition, comes down to us with love and then is passed on with love. We need our older generation for this. The "sociopath" usually (not always) comes from a place where love was shown in harmful ways. The younger generations learn socially accepted behavior and wisdom because, when all is said and done, they want to impress another human being who they care for and/or love - mostly parents and grandparents (if you take away all other pseudo-reasons). No one (I don't think) is going to care whether or not some knowledge management CEO approves or disapproves of them. Again, what holds a society together (teaches knowledge) teaches ethics and breathes wisdom down to the up and coming generations
is the generation that came before.

the statistics i gave were pertinent to the U.S. this issue is not just in the U.S. its in all 1st world countries.

It may be in the US and other 1st world countries but we have little to do with the policies of countries other than our own.

Wars also create huge post war burden for the next generation of children in terms of veteran affairs (which is often overlooked).

This is true and it isn't being overlooked but it is desperately needed and the veterans are entitled to it. In effect, they have a contract with their country to receive help and they deserve it. My family can no longer afford to live on what monies we had before and if it weren't for the Veterans Administration and their help I don't know what we would do. My adult son served in the Navy for 3 years so that he could earn the money to go to college (and he did). School/education are extremely important in my family. We value it beyond words. I'm not sure about "knowledge management" or what knowledge it would manage. Would it be as challenging as going to graduate and/or post graduate school. Speaking from my own experience, it was the challenge that was inherent in learning that made me WANT to learn.

The point i was tring to make is that we are increasing longevity and any means to keep the sick and dying alive (against all of natures attempts to kill us) which may be fine, if we balanced the score card in terms of Economics (how many peopole can country 'x' afford given its resources)
Quality of Life (for the next 'n' generations related to economics)
Environmental Factors (stress on the environment) Instead we are just going to keep on growing in a linear fashion (or worse).[quote]

Yes, I understand the point you are trying to make and most of what you say can be a very valuable tool in managing our resources. Where does the military get all that money for waging war? If we can work that out we can certainly work out a way for this country to keep its contract with Americans. First we have to get all our troops back and end our involvement (fighting overseas for other people in other countries)...a war we first got into based on untruths.

As far as it being "natures attempts to kill us" I don't think so. In our struggle for survival (survival of the fittest) we were born with the ability to understand and change our environment. This ability is within the purview of our species and extends to the human population, itself. In other words, keeping people alive past what it used to be is an acceptable thing. The sick and dying are going to die anyway, most likely. We should be looking for cures, not for treatments.

But lets put this in perspective, my grandmother had parkinsons and passed on many years ago. Within 5-7 years of being diagnosed, she could no longer recognise her own SON and towards the end even her HUSBAND... i still remember what it was like and yeah it was an aweful experience.

Okay, I'm beginning to understand where you're coming from. You may not accept it but you are dehumanizing a generation out of anger and maybe out of a little disgust.

Are you advocating this, that the state "manage" the number of children that a couple can have and/or what sex would be thrown out (I believe they throw out the female babies in China but I could be wrong)?

Well China managed their population for a reason....

So, the answer is yes...that the state should control our reproductive choices!

Well China managed their population for a reason....I'm not advocating it, i was merely suggesting that it is already happening (its not a new concept). Perhaps in 1st world countries people will have less or no children in preference to a better quality of life. This will likely result in a negative birth rate.

Well, it may already be happening in China but it isn't happening here in America and hopefully it will never w happen because of laws. It would be good if people (decide) to be more responsible about family size. The word to consider here is "decide" not "force or legislate."

I don't know about you, but I'd rather stop the war, bring our troops home and take money from other ridiculous programs that drain our economics in the USA, and use that money to help take care of our own large aging population. These people are important and we'd be in trouble without them. Who will teach the younger generation right from wrong? How will we have a sense of continuity and of morality? Who will be around to tell the tales of what came before?

I think that parents can educate their children on what is right and wrong and of morality for if they cannot now then they will certainly be unable to when or if they are grandparents.

I think you are heading in the wrong direction, ethically.

Actually i am considering the burden that the younger generation has to carry, is this unethical? They may live in debt for their entire lives so that the old can live another 10-20 years. The people born today are going to end up slaves (albeit modern) but forever in debt.

Look, I believe that people should be able to decide that they've had enough and want out of life. That would be their decision and ONLY their own decision. I believe that the medical community should be allowed to assist in this. It should not be illegal for a doctor to turn down an elderly (AND SICK) person who asks for help in dying. I'm saying that it should forever be the choice of the person making that choice.

However, in talking about doctor assisted suicide we need to be extremely careful. It should not be taken lightly by society. Here there should definitely be ethicists and other doctors involved, otherwise these laws will be taken advantage of and there will be murders, not assisted suicide.

This social and economic phenomena is new to mankind as we probably have the highest ever average global longevity in recorded history and without doubt the largest population.

I agree. It's relatively new, but so are we relatively new to life on this planet. We have encountered many problems and challenges along the way and, for the most part, we've worked them out as a group, as a society, as a culture and as individuals. I'm not a pessimist. We can work out the economics of life, as well.
I do think, as a country, we should take the economics seriously and see what we can do but I don't think there should be laws that tell a person, 'Well you're very old, very sick and your family doesn't want to make this decision. Therefore, we have made the decision for all concerned and you will be put to rest in a week's time. Do what you need to do until then.' This is very scary business.

I asked you "Do the words "family" and "LOVE" ring a bell for you?" You completely ignored that question and that may just be the most important consideration in this entire discussion.

Another possible consideration is that children are held significantly more accountable (not the state) for their parents welfare once they become retirees.

I agree! If the children have the means to help their aging parents they ought to do so. It should NOT be that the children are held accountable even when they are in a bad situation, economically. In addition, this too must be worked out within the family unit and not by any laws. If the children can't help - that's when the state needs to take over. And again, the matter of life and death should be decided by the person involved and not legislated.

I recently saw an article where the parents (retirees) were suing the children for money so that they can survive. Note this was in Singapore.

There are all kinds of people in this world. That's what makes life so interesting.

One more thing; if we develop the means to keep people alive and well for a longer period of time it might just help some of our manned missions to other bodies in the solar system. As you know, time is such a barrier when it comes to this.

20) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Stem Cell Research - CLOSED (Message 330642)
Posted 8 Jun 2006 by Profile Shari17
At UCSF, researchers hope to create cell models of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson's and Huntington's disease. By cloning embryos using nuclear DNA from sick people, the scientists aim to produce stem cells that are genetically matched to the patients, thus avoiding the problem of rejection. [/quote]

I don't know how I feel re cloning homo sapiens. I'm referring only to stem-cell research here.

WOW! Stem cells that are genetically matched to a specific patient. Thumbs up! It's brilliant.

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