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BBCode tags let you format text in your profile and message-board postings. It's similar to HTML, but simpler. The tags start with a [ (where you would have used < in HTML) and end with ] (where you would have used > in HTML).

[size=15]Big text[/size]Big text
[color=red]Red text[/color]Red text
[url=]link to website[/url]link to website
[quote]Quoted text[/quote]use for quoted blocks of text
[img][/img]use to display an image
[code]Code snippet here[/code]use to display some code
[pre]Pre-formatted text[/pre]use to display pre-formatted (usually monospaced) text
* Item 1
* Item2
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
[trac]#1[/trac] or [trac]ticket:1[/trac]use to link to Trac ticket on BOINC website: #1
[trac]wiki:WebForum[/trac]use to link to Trac Wiki on BOINC website: WebForum

If you don't close a tag or don't specify a parameter correctly, the raw tag itself will display instead of the formatted text.

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