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1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : merge computers (Message 584653)
Posted 9 Jun 2007 by Profile Y & J
Thank you for all the answers.
Even though I have been with Seti for several years I never got into how Boinc worked. With the Thumper down time, I started to read the posts to see what was going on and got interested.
2) Questions and Answers : Preferences : merge computers (Message 583723)
Posted 8 Jun 2007 by Profile Y & J
Hi John
Thank you for the additional information, This new ID number was around the time when Seti was undergoing the Thumper upgrade.

Is there a place I can find out what these numbers mean?
3365677 AMDX2 125.12 3,487.90
2967497 AMDX2 5.66 20,572.49
Also the service pack dates are different and I have the auto-updates turned off?

Thanks for your help

Computers can only be merged if they are exactly the same. I.e. Same CPU description, same OS, etc. Any slight variation and it won't work.

There is another part - the two computers must not have overlap in the timestamps of the results returned. i.e. if the computer with the lower ID returns a result AFTER the computer with the higher ID was created, then they will not be mergable.[/quote]
3) Questions and Answers : Preferences : merge computers (Message 582903)
Posted 7 Jun 2007 by Profile Y & J
If that is true, then how come I can not merge these two in Seti.

3365677 AMDX2 125.12 3,487.90 AuthenticAMD
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ [x86 Family 15 Model 75 Stepping 2] [fpu tsc pae nx sse sse2 3dnow mmx] Microsoft Windows XP
Professional Edition, Service Pack 2, (05.01.2600.00) 30 7 Jun 2007 15:19:10 UTC

2967497 AMDX2 5.66 20,572.49 AuthenticAMD
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ [x86 Family 15 Model 75 Stepping 2] [fpu tsc pae nx sse sse2 3dnow mmx] Microsoft Windows XP
Professional Edition, Service Pack 2, (05.01.2600.00) 4 15 May 2007 12:34:19 UTC

The other projects have fix this to allow the same computer to be merged????

any Ideas??

Computers can only be merged if they are exactly the same. I.e. Same CPU description, same OS, etc. Any slight variation and it won't work.

4) Message boards : Technical News : Fast One (May 16 2007) (Message 573107)
Posted 21 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
Very well put Tenebra I also am adding my $0.02 worth

Reading through some of these posting someone would believe that many of we were paying large amount of money for the SETI service that we are not receiving!!

1. We came to SETI to help them, not the SETI staff helping us crunch lots of wu’s to pile up credit / numbers to win some race.
2. This is volunteer operation for us to volunteer our computers to SETI; it is a one way street. I see more posts and help from both the staff and a great many of the volunteers who post to help others. I see many persons who have vast experience with many of the systems which are needed to move SETI ahead. On the other side of the coin some of us are learning from all of you that help. I wish to thank all of the crunchers who post the positive responses for us.
3. I have no problem with the SETI Staff they are doing their share, giving more than 125%. This project is an experiment, not a company like HP, Sun Systems, or NASA. I have worked for three of the largest engineering & constructions companies on both coasts of the USA, all projects have problems, the idea is not having the team members getting so angry that they slam the company, equipment or persons who are trying to get the task done.
4. If SETI is taking your $$$$ and you are not happy, then maybe you should look at the other projects and get your wu’s from them. There are volunteers who are running 100’s of hosts, while some of us run 3 or 4 units and crunch on 6 projects. It seams that they have the right idea, spread the horsepower to several projects.

The whole SETI staff keeps us to date much better than other projects. They work longer than their required hours. Thanks to the many Volunteers who help the rest of us with our problems which are not their responsibility, but are happy to jump in while the SETI staff is fighting the BYTE dragons.

I am sorry to see that some people think they own the project because they volunteer to crunch WUs. It shouldn't be about just crunching WUs and getting credit but about the science of it.

5) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : Eric's biannual post #6: You can tuna fish, but you can't tune a TCP (Message 570551)
Posted 18 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
Thanks Richard
Fixed up both units.

No it's not, I delete the file "" and restarted BOINC and now i have new ghost WU
You have to read the full original post. Eric was tracking down an earlier, simpler problem relating to "Incomplete request received".

6) Message boards : Number crunching : UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD Seems working now... (Message 570440)
Posted 18 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
Both computers were running fine, upload and download for the last two days, then last night this started. Status indicates all green, also rebooted both computers still the same. Anyone else getting this in the last 10 hours?

5/18/2007 12:27:20 PM|SETI@home|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work
5/18/2007 12:27:20 PM|SETI@home|Requesting 294967 seconds of new work
5/18/2007 12:27:39 PM||Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
5/18/2007 12:27:40 PM||Access to reference site succeeded - project servers may be temporarily down.
5/18/2007 12:27:40 PM|SETI@home|Scheduler request failed: couldn't connect to server
5/18/2007 12:27:40 PM|SETI@home|Deferring communication for 1 min 13 sec
5/18/2007 12:27:40 PM|SETI@home|Reason: scheduler request failed
7) Message boards : Technical News : Can't talk.. Debugging.. (May 15 2007) (Message 569126)
Posted 17 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
Everything is working good here on the east coast (Hurricane alley that is) All wu's have uploaded on all computers for both Seti & Seti beta. Got new wu's per pref's. Great Job Guys, time to take a few days off with "Pay" to compensate for all the "OT" you have in the bank.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Intermittent random Server IP switching... (Message 568064)
Posted 15 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
Hi Matt
I do not think anyone took you post that way. Your updates are great, I am sure that all of us are glad to get any level of detail you have time to post. I amazed at the level of talent that are here with the SETI crunchers, the idea that the group in general want to help resolve any issues. Most realize that your time is limited and are thankful that you spent so much of your personal time helping us.
Having my electronics training in the “dark ages” when vacuum tubes were “in”, these posting are good for us old “geeks” in the migration across the analog to digital bridge.

I have notice you do not do any shows scheduled in central Florida area, but if you do let us know.

I just want to put my 2 cents worth in.
M & J

Sorry that people have been bugging you lately Matt out of being ignorant.

Sorry I didn't mean to make it sound like anybody is ignorant. I'm really floored by the interest, and wish I had time to fill in all the blanks.

- Matt

9) Message boards : Number crunching : download_fanout and cc_config (Message 567104)
Posted 14 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
If you have stalled downloads that have shown up in your results page but are stuck in the Transfers queue, and are familiar with BOINC and managing files at the OS level, you may like to try this.

Thanks Keith

This worked out great. I have never looked or even played with Boinc codes, but your instructions worked the first time. I usually just let Boinc crunch away. I was able to download all five wu's on SETI, but SETI beta has the scheduler disabled so I can not clean that wu up. I will have to start to look into Boinc coding more now.

10) Message boards : Technical News : Soon-to-be Up Time (May 04 2007) (Message 566681)
Posted 13 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
FYI this is the Thumper rename poll which is not going to happen, but it was fun while it lasted.
I have removed it now
Results of the poll
  	              votes 	percent
1. Helios (Greco-Roman)	91 	57.59%
2. Liza (Africa) 	3 	1.90%
3. Re (Ra) (Egypt) 	11 	6.96%
4. Surya (Hindu) 	4 	2.53%
5. Inti (Inca) 	        2 	1.27%
6. Tonatiuh (Aztec) 	2 	1.27%
7. Shamash (Sumerian) 	9 	5.70%
8. Freyr (Norse) 	7 	4.43%
9. Apollo (Greco-Roman)	19 	12.03%
10. Amaterasu (Japan) 	10 	6.33%
	   Total Votes: 158
11) Message boards : Technical News : Pickup (May 11 2007) (Message 565387)
Posted 11 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
A quick note (which I'm writing from home) to let everybody know that Jeff and Josh have just headed out to Menlo Park to pick up the new science database server at Sun. Nobody will be around to really work on it this weekend, but we'll get crackin' on it first thing Monday.

Good news, glad all of you are going to take the weekend off, good luck on Monday's task. All the updates are great, and I did not see them as the "glass as half empty", but just some education for us crunchers who are not IT pros.

Einstein & uFluids I sure are happy to get the extra time on their projects, which will shift back next week to SETI.
12) Message boards : Technical News : Soon-to-be Up Time (May 04 2007) (Message 562167)
Posted 7 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
Thumper poll results as of 09:03 EST
[b]1. Helios (Greco-Roman)  71/59.66%[/b]
2. Liza (Africa)          1/0.84%
3. Re (Ra) (Egypt)       10/8.40%
4. Surya (Hindu)          2/1.68%
5. Inti (Inca) 	          2/1.68%
6. Tonatiuh (Aztec) 	  2/1.68%
7. Shamash (Sumerian)     6/5.04%
8. Freyr (Norse) 	  6/5.04%
9. Apollo (Greco-Roman)  13/10.92%
10. Amaterasu (Japan)     6/5.04%
	 Total Votes: 119
13) Message boards : Number crunching : NO WORK FROM SETI (Message 561611)
Posted 6 May 2007 by Profile Y & J

Way cool man!
I am so darnedly old that I actually have a hard time sending them to scrap. I would guess that I am right now the proud owner of the largest remaining collection of fully operational maxed out E5500. For many years those where in the cluster that drove the main optical link between Europe and US. And now I get teary eyed even contemplating throwing them. Yes, the rest of my workplace laughs at me. But the revenge is mine. I am slowly rebuilding them as known.


I know how you feel, I still have a 5 1/4" IBM 8088 & green screen monitor which I keep running, As well as two ATARI's.

Thanks for the Vote

Thumper's new name?

Status as 15:32 EST
1. Helios (Greco-Roman) Votes = 25 @ 58.14%
2. Apollo (Greco-Roman) Votes = 6 @ 13.95%
3. Shamash (Sumerian) Votes = 4 @ 9.30%
14) Message boards : Technical News : Soon-to-be Up Time (May 04 2007) (Message 561403)
Posted 6 May 2007 by Profile Y & J
Just had a thought. As a way of thanks to Sun Microsystems for their generous donation may I humbly suggest naming the new server Helios.

How about a poll for the name, I could only fit 10 names, sorry for the ones left off.

SETI & BOINC Anyone?

Thanks to Matt for all of the updates.
15) Questions and Answers : Wish list : classic seti graphics please (Message 499021)
Posted 7 Jan 2007 by Profile Y & J
... Holy crap! Really! Oh wait, I've heard all that before. And you're still ignoring this:

It is MUCH more complex and demanding to write an entire screensaver in THREE DIMENSIONS that takes advantage of different videocards, than it is to write a 2d screensaver that does not use the GPU.

End of story. Some idiot, whoever it may be, spent a whole lot of extra time making the thing 3d only, isntead of a far simpler, and faster running solution.

And then there would have been complaints that the original static screensaver was damaging users nice modern lcd screens - which were not widely owned back in 1999 and really don't like fixed pictures for long periods... There is a strong arguement for a more mobile screensaver in this respect - one that actually does its job properly - instead of insisting on living in the past.

Please consider that other projects don't offer a screensaver, so if you wanted 'some idiot' to write code that was a 'far simpler, and faster running solution', they could simply have left the thing out altogether.

I hope this is a joke response. Burn in was a much MUCH bigger problem on CRTs than it is with LCDs. LCDs can still sometimes suffer from burn in, but it's VERY, VERY rare compared to CRTs. Your argument does not make any sense, because of this fact.

As for it wobbling..fine... are you saying that it's impossible to make the old 2d screen saver move around a little? Are you telling me that the only way to get it ot move around is to make it fully 3d, requiring a graphics card? I have seen many images that move around or bounce around without using a graphics card at all, and they are NOT 3d. So again, your argument is weak and does not hold water.

The 2d was better, how about setting the monitor to turn off, (It does save some energy and prevents burn-in)

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