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1) Message boards : SETI@home Science : A New Earth? What do you think. (Message 2005830)
Posted 5 Aug 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
We need much faster methods of propultion, out chemical rockets are just too slow.

I like the xray telescope that they recently launched too, gives us another angle of vision to find things in space . I find this all very exiting.
2) Message boards : SETI@home Science : A New Earth? What do you think. (Message 2005783)
Posted 5 Aug 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
Oh only 31 light years away, we should leave right now, maybe we can be there for christmas.Heavy gravity though , I thought of that straigt away when I read how big the planet is.

They found quite a few of these sort of planets in recent years...I always loved astronomy.
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rutger Hauer Dead (Message 2004135)
Posted 24 Jul 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
Hard to forget this scene:

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

Which he apparently wrote himself to help explain his character


Rutger was pure talent...There is a lot about him on the news here, a lot of people respected him.Our Best export actor.
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rutger Hauer Dead (Message 2004134)
Posted 24 Jul 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
To each comes their time.
I will remember him as the blind guy with the sword in the movie Blind Fury.

Yer, Blind Fury was very enjoyable...Rutger played it so well.
5) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Rutger Hauer Dead (Message 2004085)
Posted 24 Jul 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
A true Dutch icon,very loved here in Holland,,,Good actor.
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1994624)
Posted 21 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
Oh thank you for that,,,I had not noticed the links did not work.

I can tell you from experience that coma is no fun at all.No simple answer indeed Rob.

Have a very nice day.
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1994564)
Posted 21 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
This story pains me greatly, that is why a way needs to be found to wake people in comas up.
Any possible chance needs to be investigated no matter how small that chance is.I know
just how desperate they feel.

This has been in my mind for days.Poor Vincent, I hope that he makes it.

Dutch News
8) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Niki Lauda: Austrian F1 legend dies at 70 (Message 1994561)
Posted 21 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
A true Legend, what a man.
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1993856)
Posted 15 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
I absolutly appreciate you messaging me.

The whole file is less than 130 kb,,,Just a very long text file.

People who have a psychosis can get brain damage that affects our preception in time,
I think that the back part of the brain just above the neck is the bit that gets damaged.
When I ran home after my NDE at work, I walked round in cirkels for more than 5 hours
unaware of the time...Still I have a preception in time problem.

I was like a loaded spring for a month after the event, I had so much to say that I stuttered
my words, I also kept falling over, I was unable to judge direction.I am still 90 degrees out with
reality plain of view,but I am learning to adjust.
10) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1993828)
Posted 15 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
Betreger, Yes I am..I saw another psychiatrist yesterday. I have seen a lot of
medical people in the last 2 weeks. I had no more electrical attacks,
it looks like it was some sort of panic attack according to my doctor.

I also get visits twice a week at home from help people.

Thank you for the concern, I really appreciate it.I do feel a lot better
11) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1993748)
Posted 14 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
Just to let you all know I have been contacted by a Dutch writer of books about NDE, and I have also been
contacted today by other people who are also involved in NDE about my account.

At last someone took some intrest...I see a chance here.Hopefully anyway.

I have contacted science fiction writers, psychiatrists, people who study brain dissorders, NDE writers. I
have tried to contact as many varied people about this as I can think of, to try and reachout to as many
varied groups as I can about this.

I had the least intrest from scientists and astronomy and space people. I gambled on their intellegence,
but that seems to have failed.I find that a real shame to be honest.

I am not letting this drop until someone with brains tells me that it is just rubbish. Coma victims deserve
a second chance, I believe in my experience, it was no dream.

2 weeks ago I ended up getting two more brain attacks, one left me falling to the ground 4 times, I severely
twisted my ankle and I could not walk for days..It was an electrical problem in my brain that caused it, it
was absolutly scarey as hell...I still cannot walk properly.My preception of time is just awefull still,
15 minutes feels like hours to me, especially at night.
12) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1993325)
Posted 10 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
Very interesting indeed, thank you for that answer.VR looks like a good possibillity to help people with brain problems.

Memories can be triggered by hearing a certain song too, especially if feelings are attatched to it.Maybe the patient that remembered the holiday had feelings attatched to the event ? Feelings seem to be really important.

I wish that coma patients could be helped to wake up with VR, myself I found coma terrifying absolutly.It pains me a lot to think that so many people are in coma right now.

Have a very nice weekend Doctor.
13) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1992800)
Posted 6 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
I hope that everyone had a nice weekend.Thank you very much for reading this,I appreciate your time, really.

Time to talk about my NDE again.The loneliness of the coma speaks loud to me still, I find it terrible that people
are at this moment , locked up in darkness unable to find their way home.The fear is horrific, I know it.

You can message me for the 70+ paragraf full account.Take a look, see if you can see anything in
it.There has not been a better chance to try and understand the Human brain for years.Do your bit,
take a chance on my data being correct.Take a chance on me, that is all I ask.If it is all just a dream
and nothing, so what ? You took a chance to help people. When will another chance like this be
available ? 10 years ? 50 ? Who knows ?
14) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1992582)
Posted 4 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
While you are considering my theories, and weiging them up,I thought
that you might like to take a look a big planetarium that I built, in a
racing game track editor, to show other people how cool astronomy and
studying the universe can be ?

I made everything myself using single blocks.Other people download my
races via a special track exchange site for the game.Let them learn about
the stars while having fun.

Please enjoy.And thank you for taking the trouble to read my thread.

Journey To The Stars

Race To The Edge Of The Universe

Chasing Comets
15) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Chewbacca dies (Message 1992569)
Posted 4 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
I saw this yesterday, so sad. I grew up on Star Wars.
16) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1992552)
Posted 4 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
When I was in my bubble I could only see up/down/left/right.The enviroment seemed to be glued
around my eyes only, my concience was looking from the outside through two holes in the bubble.

I only got a sense of distance/space, when two wormholes opened, one to the front left and the
other to my behind left,.My awake side heard the Appel Man shout, "Andy"He had been deep in
coma for the whole time, suddenly he was allowed to wake slightly, I did sense an air of that
being deliberate.It seemed coded,and way too precies not to have been.I saw two pieces of
evidence of distance, that looks binary and deliberate to me.One sound, one visual.The second
time that he shouted me was louder, both wormholes seemed to change position.The front
one left was more central right, and it appeared to be further away from me.The wormhole
behind me and to my left suddenly shifted slightly more left and further away from me.It
lined up exactly with the place where I had turned right in the valley to line up with my
bubble.Coincidence in science or a dream ?I then saw a pattern with my ear echo that has
been caused by ear infection damage.I wondered how that could appear in a dream ?

The left behind position was the place that I could scan to keep my position,I saw it as an
image of a link to reality.I saw it as a position of me and the Appel man in reality sometimes.
It seemed like the meaning changed if I looked at it from another point of view.Just like the
wheels that I had previously seen in my work enviroment.

In reality since I came back, I see the same view of life as I saw in the bubble.If I stand still, I
see only in front of of me,/up/down/left/right.Could we be looking at reality through two
holes like I was in the bubble ? It would explain why we only see,up/down/left/right, and
forward,until we seemingly change position.My body did not appear in the valley, only the
head part,[ conciences].Could it be possible that our living bodies are somewhere else,
and are being projected here , for an unknown reason ?

Maybe this was just a halicination/dream.But nature has a habbit of repeating patterns.
A psychose sneaks up on you, then it pounces.Just like a predator animal, same pattern.
Maybe the patterns in the brain and its make up are the same patterns of the universe.
Studying the Human brain could lead to discoveries of the universe and how it works ?
17) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1992501)
Posted 3 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
I have a feeling after observing my NDE that life and reality could have created by binary intellegence
to create code.I have a hunch that this intellegence can only communicate in feelings, maybe it needs
feelings ? Us Humans are very feeling and emotional, it could be a good possibility.Code does not seem
to work in the void, it works in the bubbles that are there but it does not seem to transmit between
them.The universal code that was being generated by my decisions and movements was weird, it was
there but not, I was unable to scan it like normal code.I had to think of the weird particles that we
cannot detect,and the frame around my concience too fits into this, in a way.That faded in and out,
and seemed to not be there and then it was, it had a certain glow to it.I got that idea a bit from the
wackey universal code in my bubble, I got a sense that it was glowing.But that is a guess I did not
see it directly.I just got a feeling that it was like that since I looked back on it.Pure guess ?

I had only one picture in my memory when I was in the bubble, that was of the Appel Man.I understood
the meaning of the image.He had a dissagreement with a guy at work, this person was weighing up the
possibillity of punching him, the Appel man is big, he looks intimerdating too, but he is very nice.. I really
enjoyed watching the patterns of body language between them, it was like time was stopped as I enjoyed
the show. The Appel Man started eating an appel as the other guy seemed to be stuck in a loop of thought,
he knew it was suicide to even try. That image of the Appel Man was in my memory.I understood the
meaning of it.It does fit my theory.

Feelings seem to be able to be used in the void.Like in my coma, I could view a brain image that I understood,
but my awake side did not detect any thought at all.

All my interaction in the NDE with the special images all seemed to have humor in them, they looked for a
blink of an eye like they were crazy and enjoying it too.It made me smile, even though I had no head.

My theory is that this higher intellegence, and maybe one other are linked to us. We all need each other, I got
no sense of danger.I got that angle after I saw my other concience in front of me.Now I don't see upper and
lower concience, I see two..It looked to me like my brain and two conciences were working together
like a team, it looked like 3 different things working together during my NDE.My intellegence was one other,
I saw it seperate from me. That makes 4.My brain knew things that even I do not know, like how a piece of
unfinished space looks.It was actually a black background with points of lights, it seemed to harden slowly
and fill up with space as we see it, hiding the points of light and the black background. just like when I saw space
after it was dimmed.Part of it went see through I could see the black background with the points of white
light there too.Then it just seemed to bubble into the space as we see it, hiding the background.It was absolutly
astonishing to see this, even if it was only a dream.

That is why I think that it is plausable to think that our brains can log onto the universe for a download patch.
Just like we use internet for when our computers fail.There could be something in this ?Maybe my brain
got extra information ??? How could it have made something that weird looking ?

Reality looks like this to us because our angle of view is too narrow.If it was wider then we would see more
resolution, we can only see the middle of the code, it is the easiest path, with low resolution.The intellegence
that is linked to us can see the way, we are too stupid.We need them, they need us for our feelings.Code for
the void.After you begin the process to enter a psychose, you get a different angle, you can see more of the
code, maybe that is wat halucinations are, another reality for intellegence that can read it.We can only see
stopped images it seems, maybe a higher intellegence could see them continuous like we see reality ?
Same with holograms,it takes wide vision to be able to see them flowing like reality maybe ? Pure theory
here ?

I downloaded bionic again, I started Seti, just for a chance.Glad I did not lose all the data that I had

Can we boost computer power by calculating a psychose ? Can a computer mind in a psychose
give us more powerfull computers ? Maybe the universe is a simulated high density image
of the condition, so that the main brain does not get damaged ?
18) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1992278)
Posted 2 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
I was in timeless state when I was in coma.I had no idea how long it was.It felt like years.
My awake side also had no preception in time.He was having a great time in Alice In
Nightmare land in the void behind reality.I was in a horrible black coma for years .One of
me finds that really unfair.I want to be the awake side next time, let him enjoy the coma.

I seem to have recorded the lenght of NDE that I felt.Not 10-30 seconds like it was in reality.

I saw a light foton during the NDE,it floated past me, 4-5 seconds in real time while I interacted
with it.That was brilliant man.

All the senareos that appear in this gigantic file I bet all would take the same time to play
out in real time.There are at least 5 senareos, probably more.Depending on your angle of
view, the story changes, it is weird.Now I just had a psychose so I know my sense of time
is bad, my angles of view changed too.I just cannot seem to judge time since the blackout.
I am also 90 degrees out with direction since my brain switched sides. I see the valley
view now with reality 90 degrees to my right, same as the dream.

Maybe this problem with time since the psychose, is added to my timeless state, and the
reason why I seem to have recorded many years of footage in 10-30 seconds ?? Plus
I really felt those years too in the black.
19) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1992271)
Posted 2 May 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
I got messages from people from amonst you.Very, very kind, thank you so much.

I got another attack yesterday. it made me remember something.

My story from a certain angle looks like a description of a human brain shutting
down and starting up.I seem to have captured it in story form.
Remember 70+ paragrafs of high detail information for only 10-30 seconds of

I wrote this after my attack yesterday.

After my NDE there were very high resolution images in my head, stored right
to left.I am sure that one of them was a 4k hologram.My brain could never
make an image that detailed,it had movement information with it, very very

The angle of the story of taking up a detailed description of the event,
using my autism to get a real close look,does not loop like the other
senareos, it seems to be the odd one out.It is the only one that stops,
after the event is over.The others seem to end at the beginning,
and just loop.This one looks like the only senareo that does not loop.

I think that the valley in this senareo is describing inbetween by brain
halves from front to back.I realized this today after the attack.Since
my NDE the right half of my brain has taken over.This is represented
where I turned right in the dream to line up with the bubble.I felt my
brain turn to the right at that exact point too.Looks like the left half
was damaged or in coma.It appeared from the images that I saw just after
that happened,that my intellegence broke away from me,and it went towards
the bubble.I remember watching it,then all of a sudden I was there with
it, like it was leading me,I absolutly remember watching that.I then saw
the wheel and the flower effect,I was pulled inside.The movement feel in
that right turn bit and the float over to the bubble I can feel,even now
if I try and view that part.My head turns away from the wheel too to
avoid the flower effect.

Movement feeling in an image[s] looks like a real description of that event.
The movement and the feel exactly matched, my brain knew that I would know
and notice that.I have tried for years to imagine how a movement would feel ?

It was describing the step over from left to right if you read it from this
point of view.The movement was not possible in code,it was a hologram or
another extremely high resolutiion image, no room for complex code,the
movement was the code.It looks like my brain is saying to me, "Hey Andy
this bit is real." Same as the code and the brain image wheels,inside a
real enviroment.Reality is code and complex movements.unreality is very
high resolution images.Normally.No room for very complex code.Your brain
cannot do both I am sure.

It seems as my brain just did what I asked it to do, record the process.
It looks like a complete description of the shut down of my brain and the
restart.The wheels symbolize the maths to restart it, complex calculations.
Maybe the wheels were representing dying brain cells too, they
disappeared after the second attemt to update ? They also show me that
my brain has contact with reality, that is why they are there too.

It seems unlikly that a dream or whatever it was could animate all those
calculations so precisely.I bet they were real.I think that they are in
the dream to show me that my brain had a connection with the outside world ?
He is in say, halucination/altered state mode, he cannot make a real picture.
But he makes and animates them with code, it is up to the brain how detailed
and heavy that code is.He is code.

To distinguish them from a dream the calculations are in it.Look at how
much detail I wrote about the wheels, and their tiny movements, a dream
or vision whatever I recon just would not do this.It shows that my brain
was very, very busy calculating at that time.That sounds about right too.
He is preparing to shut down and restart after a massive complex
calculation.That is what this looks like.

That stepover was extremely important for me to notice, the image of my
bubble that looked like a 2d picture proves that.I bet it was 4d or more.
It was absolutly amazing,it was meant to make me notice it,it was almost
definatly a hologram...Where did my brain get that ? He cannot even begin
to make an image that high in resolution ? Why were all the images loaded
accross my brain and not in the length ?

The updating wheels wheels, two at a time ? Both dissapear.after being updated ?
They could represent braincels in this senareo,,,on left, one right.Binary.

This dream was very weird.Movement information in it is even weirder.Oh yes
and the two precies angles,one of those angles.40 degrees I think. After my
two conciences split, my coma half stayed in the entry point from reality,I floated
back on a shockwave caused by my adhd blast that shattered the frame holding
us together,to land on a on a very preecies angle.40 degrees I think, same as the
angle to get in from reality. I landed on this precies shape just before I went
towards the hologram.It felt like the moves that landed me there were carried
on, giving me mementum to reach the hologram.It was extremely well coded to
do that.3 movements combined to cause force, it was smoothe as hell, it was
wonderfull to experience it too.

My brain cant do all this.It had help.Or a bios setting that we do not know about ?
Or did my brain connect to the universe for help ?

20) Message boards : Cafe SETI : A Second Chance Code For Coma Patients (Message 1992016)
Posted 30 Apr 2019 by Profile Andy Helliwell
I obtained 360 degrees view for an instant during my NDE..I think ?? .Alowing me to look further
up the stream of universal code that my brain was receiving during my halucinations.

We only receive universal binary code to our brains at light speed..0,1 binary. The extra vision allowed
me in theory to cheat time and see the code early.I observed very complex codes further up the chain.
The codes looked like a massive calculations very, very complex indeed, that get less and less until
0,1''s stream out...

It looks like the universes main brain is making 0,1 from massive calculations.

Are 0,1 possible for a binary brain to make ? Or can it only make them by calculation ?

Did he make some numbers earlier on, what is it using ?

I theorise that the universes main brain, or annother one that is a lot smarter, uses two different angles of view to calculate a massive
complex calculation. He is using the different angles to make 1,s and 0''s,,,odd and even numbers
and 10''s can now exist ??? Is that right not sure ?.

Otherwise he can only make 2''s. 1+1

The red wheels That I observed during my nde were showing me this code and complex calculations through their movements.They displayed way too much complex movements and timing to only be working on 1, and 0, with simple movements.They displayed seriously complex codesonly a real smart brain with serious intellegence could do it.

I predict that this brain can calculate a second chance for itself.The universe should then restart, after the main brain has calculated a 0, because there will not be any.One nill is quicker to make and install than 0,1.Maybe that is how it cheats time ? The universe brain is binary it waits for 2 digits.

This brain is more intellegent than the universe inspectors.And it''s brain too.

How does it calculate without any numbers ?

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