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1) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Weekend Fundraising Challenge: Get the Green Bank Data Transport Package (and I'll pay half!) (Message 1292038)
Posted 6 Oct 2012 by Profile BlackD
$50 Donated through paypal to GPU Users Group

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GPU Users Group, Inc.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA seti slows vista 64 aero interface (Message 863517)
Posted 8 Feb 2009 by Profile BlackD
Hi there,

Running SETI on an 8800 GT under Vista 64.
It seems that all units that have CUDA enabled slow everything related to the video card on my system, including actions of the aero interface (translations-minimizing, maximizing windows etc).
This not to mention any other 3d application such as 3d games or so.
It seems somehow that the CUDA work-units occupy the entire graphic card computation resources and do not release them for other applications.
The only solution i found for this issue was to suspend all computation while computer is in use, which is not the most productive option (previously i could run seti in the background all the time).
Does anyone else have this kind of problems or know a solution for this issue?
Thanks in advance,

3) Questions and Answers : Windows : boinc 4.09 doesn't do "time slicing" anymore? (Message 28920)
Posted 22 Sep 2004 by Profile BlackD
I noticed that since i've installed 4.09 , it only processes seti wu's . THe wu for climate prediction remained stuck at the level when i installed 4.09 .
Seems that this version forgot to share resources between projects. Is anyone experiencing the same problem ,especially with Climate prediction?
If it helps i'm running windows xp sp2 on a 2.5 athlon core barthon with 1gb ram and 120gb hdd.
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