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Message 1948396 - Posted: 7 Aug 2018, 18:49:50 UTC

I simple cannot get Bionic to run on my PC. It is not the fault of my computer but Windows 10. I have crunched Seti@Home data sets or years on XP and windows 8. It has never run on my present system with Windows 10. I have inquired at Bionic and all I get is it your computer's fault. I assemble my own PC's and my present one is very powerful and except for Window's 10 is trouble free. Sadly unless things change my 20+ years of distributed computing is at an end. If there is some tweak in Windows 10 to enable Bionic to run I don't know about it. I have run all of the suggested diagnostic utilities suggested at the Windows 10 forum and my system passes with flying colors. I built this computer in part to do Seti@home and while I could run it it processed the data sets very fast. I just reloaded everything again today just to see and my PC promptly locked up. Nothing on the event log to indicate what is happening. Oh well.
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Message 1948418 - Posted: 8 Aug 2018, 5:12:29 UTC

It managed to contact the server yesterday and collect about 150 tasks, so all is not totally failing.
When you say "locked up", do you mean that the keyboard & mouse stopped responding, or you suffered a "Blue Screen" - the causes are a bit different, but may be related.
There have been reports that one particular AMD(ATI) driver/GPU combination has a problem, but beyond saying that I can't help as I don't run any AMD GPUs. I'll post something in number crunching to try and get one of the heavy AMD GPU users to come here and try an help you.
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Message 1948436 - Posted: 8 Aug 2018, 12:49:59 UTC - in response to Message 1948396.  

I have inquired at Bionic and all I get is it your computer's fault.
Hmmm, I've done a search for any post you may have made about this in the past year on the BOINC forums and it comes back as negative. The only person with a post with similar hardware and problems I can find is one 'S', but that's another unique name.

I've also searched for the use of 'bionic' in any post of the past year, which returns plenty of people using the word, but not you.
I've searched through BOINC Github Issues and through the various email lists. Nothing.

I've done a 'no limit' search on the BOINC forums, first for 'bionic', which returns all the ones from before, plus posts in 2010-2016. None of them yours. When I search for 'bionic, r9 380', no posts are returned.

Last I searched all the other projects you have listed in your account, none of those have a post of yours.
Indeed, I have not looked for any Bionic forums, so if you posted it there. Our program is called BOINC, not Bionic. So wherever you asked, it hasn't been on the BOINC forums, or on BOINC Github, or on any of its email lists, or any others of its projects, at least not with the account (name) you posted this with.

However, a hanging system can be caused by:
- heat, check with SIV, SpeedFan or similar applications how hot your CPU & GPUs get when under full (Seti) load.
- inadequate power supply
- bad brand and model power supply, check yours against the PSU tiers list. You'll want it to be tier 1, 2 or maybe 3 for your system, nothing lower.
- any broken hardware. Only able to test this by exchanging it for other hardware, thus until it no longer hangs.

Do know that Seti uses the hardware different than a game or benchmark program does. Seti is SIMD heavy on the CPU, also when it runs work on the GPU. It does this at full load, sustained. If your hardware isn't in optimal shape, it won't be able to cope and probably lock up.

As for software: there are reports that Windows 10 locks up when it uses a screen saver. Plenty of those can be found on the Microsoft forums. And since that started to happen after the Creators Update, it is something in Windows 10, and is something that Microsoft has to fix. If you're using the BOINC screen saver, perhaps it's wisest to temporarily disable it (Click the Windows Icon in the corner at the bottom left side. > Click on Settings > Select Personalization. Select Lock Screen option > Go to Screen Saver Settings in the right pane. Set the screen saver as None and Uncheck the box to On resume, display logon screen.)
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Message 1948682 - Posted: 9 Aug 2018, 21:59:02 UTC - in response to Message 1948396.  

I simple cannot get Bionic to run on my PC. It is not the fault of my computer but Windows 10. .

Have you tried a different project?

If it locks up with a different project, then it is clearly something below Bonics/Seti.

I would try running Seti without gpu processing. If the problem goes away, then the issue is with the video cards. Might try a clean install of the drivers?

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