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Message 1830829 - Posted: 16 Nov 2016, 14:23:53 UTC
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Perhaps except Questions & Answers, in my opinion these Message Boards should need a login in order not only to post, but perhaps read contents as well.

This server is not an ad forum, or ad service, in my opinion.

Some people doing things here having been doing so for 10-15 years or more.

Because of that, certain bad things, or in fact certain "crooked ideas" could come up in your mind at a moments notice, even though you may not necessarily be so or such all the time.

If you think that everything related to your day could be just fine, there your could next have it as well.

There may be some people around who could perhaps think that the web could be an ugly place.

The question is next where I should go in order to find out myself.

Perhaps the next thing which could be asked, is that whether there could perhaps be a substitute, or perhaps an imaginatory world which could be present in the minds or dreams of some people which may not reflect a given world.

Next such an imaginatory world could possibly belong to a stupid idiot, or it could rather belong to one having experience.

Should the different aspects being related to science be either thrown out, or perhaps rejected, or perhaps being accepted based on a given opinion, or assumption which at times may not reflect reality, or current knowledge?

Is this perhaps what science is all about and because of that, should we perhaps make a difference between such a thing and a couple of others?

One of the current research areas besides that of technology development is that of medicine, together with its cures and therapies.

If such research is based on a given development, would it next be considered "speculative science".

Right now, no specific example readily available, but such a thing as cloning could perhaps be such a thing.

I would like the given person here make a clear statement about what is supposed to be meant to be science and what should be not.

For such a thing, user against scientist interaction should be a necessity and not necessarily about "trampling".

The Wikipedia should be recognized as being a dictionary on the web.

Because of that, there should be no room for possible "speculative content", including that of perhaps related to science.

Next compare with YouTube and you probably know what you could find there.

Is some of this contents perhaps supposed to be anything similar when it comes to being either valid contents, or maybe something else?

Please make a separation between people, will you.

A couple of things might not necessarily please everyone, at least not the time, but it could still be science.
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Message 1830850 - Posted: 16 Nov 2016, 17:15:18 UTC - in response to Message 1830829.  

If these forums can only be read through a login, how will people unable to log in find help? At least now they can search for a solution. That wouldn't be a possibility if everything was hidden behind a login.

Also, help and information and about the project can be gleaned off of these forums by people who aren't even registered here.

To help battle against spammers, there are several solutions at play. Some more pronounced than others. And no, I am not going to mention them all, just in case we have a black hat sitting, reading here, waiting for just such an occasion.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : This perhaps wished for.

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