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Message 941431 - Posted: 19 Oct 2009, 21:03:04 UTC

Happy Monday. We had some "brown-outs" during the weekend brought on by our science database getting clobbered. We're still not exactly sure why it locks up the way it does, but we'll improve the underlying disk i/o subsystem someday, and that could only help (usually when it has fits I find the respective disk arrays are almost to completely 100% utilized).

It's another rainy day around here, which means the air conditioner isn't as efficient, and the server temps are on the rise again. Scary, but there's not much we can do about it right away.

I'm actually pulling up old (2006) data from our off-site archives to be the first "production" data processed using the software radar blanking. We shall see how well it works (in both multibeam and astropulse) later these week, I imagine, if all goes well.

- Matt

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Message 941434 - Posted: 19 Oct 2009, 21:10:06 UTC - in response to Message 941431.  

Exciting times! Good luck with the "production" data & thanks for the update as always, Matt.
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Message 941441 - Posted: 19 Oct 2009, 21:46:27 UTC

SWEET!!! It looks like we'll start having plenty of work in the near future

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Message 941448 - Posted: 19 Oct 2009, 22:45:48 UTC

Thanks for the update.
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