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Message 846566 - Posted: 29 Dec 2008, 23:56:24 UTC

One short holiday week is behind us, now here comes another one.

We did fairly well over the weekend, considering we were pretty much maxed out the whole time. The assimilator queue finally drained, thanks to splitters starting to chew on raw data files physically located on the new raw data storage server (as opposed to located on the same server as the science database), but also thanks to the validator queue falling behind.

In times of low resources we do have some knobs to turn to help squeeze more juice out of our embattled servers. Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves (or, in this case, pull out a calculator) and determine what processes needs what resource, and which are claiming too much. After some investigation it was clear this time around we were giving httpd too much - and this is a tunable we have to adjust every so often, depending on how many people are connecting at any given time, and for how long - otherwise you have too many httpd listeners hanging out doing nothing eating up valuable memory/cpu. Anyway, long story short I reduced the number of validators from 6 to 4, moved the validator logs to a different filesystem (reduce i/o contention), and vastly reduced the number of httpd listeners. So far so good - that queue is draining (and therefore the assimilator queue is inflating again).

We will have the usual outage drill tomorrow, followed by another set of "days off."

- Matt

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Message 846582 - Posted: 30 Dec 2008, 0:26:22 UTC
Last modified: 30 Dec 2008, 0:27:01 UTC


Well, from where I'm sitting, this Xmas/News Years period has been distressingly boring so far (knock on wood).

If it wasn't for the CUDA rollout and a couple of other items the boards would be deadly dull. ;-)

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Message 846721 - Posted: 30 Dec 2008, 3:18:46 UTC

Seems to me that the extra 1TB of WU storage may have prevented more serious problems over the last few days.

May tomorrows outage go smoothly.
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Message 846783 - Posted: 30 Dec 2008, 6:16:04 UTC

. . . Thanks for the Post Update Matt

and, May You & Each of You @ Berkeley have an Excellent Weekend

and A Happy New Year . . .

Thanks for All that You have Each done in the Past Year [and All other Years as Well] -

it has been Appreciated . . .

joanne & richard

BOINC Wiki . . .

Science Status Page . . .
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Lars Vindal

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Message 847931 - Posted: 2 Jan 2009, 0:40:34 UTC

Nice to see you are getting better equipped to meet future demands. I hope this will help reducing some of the bottlenecks that have been popped up sometimes. :)

All good wishes for the new year to staff and crunchers alike!
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