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Personal background
I'm from Pensacola, Florida. I am 60 years "young". I am retired, "No longer economically viable", due to an injury. I am NOT a scientist, but science has always fasinated me. My late wife and I were muscians. She played piano, flute, piccalo and fife in high school. I was a percussionist(Drummer). I later picked up the 6 string guitar and 4 string bass guitar. She and I would sit and play, her on the piano, me on the 6 string guitar, for hours just for our own enjoyment. There is a lot more I could say, but it would take volumes of books to get it all said. Enough said!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I run SETI@home for one reason. As vast as the universe is, I feel that it would be nothing less than pure arrogance for us, humanity, to belive that we are the only sentient life amongst the trillions of stars and galaxies that exsists in the whole of the universe. It boggles my mind to think that anyone who thinks, "We are alone", is so prevalent. That mind-set needs to be changed before it is too late because this planet, along with the rest of our solar system, WILL be destroyed by our good friend, "Sol", when it uses up it's fuel and explodes into a supernova. So. Having said that, we need to search the cosmos using whatever resources we have to find a new planet to call "Home". Otherwise, we are doomed as a species. Searching for a repetitive signal is a step in the right direction and needs to be ongoing until one is found.

The project as a whole is as important as breath is to us. The project MUST continue!
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