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1) Message boards : News : Prof. Charles Townes has passed away. (Message 1636110)
Posted 1 Feb 2015 by Profile John Weldon
It is not every day when someone such as Professor Charles Townes come along. His accomplishments have benefited the entire world and he deserves the respect and accolades that go along with those accomplishments! The world has lost a great man and a great mind. .............May he rest in peace.........
2) Message boards : Technical News : What's happening... (Nov 8, 2014) (Message 1601944)
Posted 18 Nov 2014 by Profile John Weldon
Whew! I was getting a little spooked when I began to see the, "Project Has no Tasks Available" message. Thanks for the update, Eric!

"Second Star To The Right, And Straight On Till Morning"
3) Message boards : News : Server Relocation (Message 1368897)
Posted 17 May 2013 by Profile John Weldon
Since the relocation of the servers, I have noticed a marked improvement in "download and upload" speeds. Before the relocation, the speeds were almost unbareably slow and somewhat "iffy". Now, however, I can see 50 files download and or upload in as little as 45 seconds to one minute. I don't know what the relocation team did in addition to the relocation, but things have improved in a dramatic way. Great job for the relocation team!

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