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1) Message boards : News : SETI@home Version 7 has been released (Message 1383266)
Posted 21 Jun 2013 by Profile Wingless Wonder
The reality is you had and still have the choice. You just didn't know you did or how to exercise the choice. Good user level BOINC documentation is rather lacking.

[Jord, before you get upset, I am saying user doc, I know there is excellent doc for it if you have some programming experience. But for the rank user, it leaves a lot to assumption. It really could stand a hired tech writer to crank out a BOINC for Dummies book.]

Someone or a group of people can write more thorough BOINC documentation, but you still can't make people read it.
2) Message boards : News : SETI@home Version 7 has been released (Message 1383215)
Posted 20 Jun 2013 by Profile Wingless Wonder
A new version should be my choice, especially when it "bogs down" peoples systems this was is doing.

@MELund, oddly enough, my system seems to have become faster in the weeks since the latest SETI application upgrade, both in browser functions and other local apps offline. I don't, however, attribute any changes to the SETI application or BOINC. Any change in system performance is likely coincidental.
3) Message boards : News : SETI@home Version 7 has been released (Message 1375187)
Posted 2 Jun 2013 by Profile Wingless Wonder
NO! Another case of me being at the wrong website at the wrong time? I'm so able to be wrong - and apologize. The website just happened to go down? I thought I had a worm. Needless to say that is unacceptable after all the "testers" etc. You all just lost me and anyone I will ever meet. Well, maybe I will cut you some slack in Heaven and offer you a hug. Nytol.

That's a lot of drama for 8 days of participation.

I had no issues downloading v7 (cuda42 version for my NVIDIA card) last night, once I had renamed my old app_info.xml file to something else. I let enough of them complete and upload until I was certain everything was working fine, which it appears to be.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan (Message 1345145)
Posted 10 Mar 2013 by Profile Wingless Wonder
I don't think it will make a difference, timewise, if you change this to 'cuda_kepler'?
5) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Windows 7 (Message 974346)
Posted 27 Feb 2010 by Profile Wingless Wonder
Was thinking about upgrading one of my systems to windows 7. Anyone running this and having any problems with it in regards to running cuda or detecting cards.

I've been using a pair GTX 280 cards with no problems under Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. I'm using an older NVIDIA driver set, 191.07, but this is a gaming issue, not a CUDA issue.

Unless you're going to Windows 7 for other reasons, there's no real advantage (or downside) for SETI@home.
6) Message boards : Technical News : Out of the fire and into the pit of sulfuric acid. (Feb 19, 2010) (Message 972712)
Posted 21 Feb 2010 by Profile Wingless Wonder
Time to take either a chill pill or group therapy folks, this is starting to get a little ridiculous. ET will still be out there whether it takes us a day longer to find him/her or not, so sit back, relax, enjoy the weekend, maybe tune into the Olympics since they only happen every four years (offset by two), and just be happy. Thing'll get fixed by next week - just wait one or two more days until then...

Intergalactic peace~ (~please~)

Quoted For Truth.

For the past several days, I had specified no new tasks for SETI@home. Tonight, I just downloaded a day's worth of work units for my gpu(s) just to chew on until tomorrow. After those are completed, I will specify no new tasks, again, at least for a while.

My electricity usage is significantly higher when processing CUDA work units 24/7, but it's a choice I make. I don't need a pat on the back for my contributions of electricity, computing power, or monetary donations to SETI@home. I'm glad to have the opportunity to help out when I can.

If there are technical problems occurring at SETI@home, they will eventually be resolved. I don't lose any sleep over it. It'll get fixed.
7) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Best Graphic Card around $120 (Message 958808)
Posted 26 Dec 2009 by Profile Wingless Wonder
It has 96 cores so does that mean it can process 96 wu's at once or will it just use them together to process faster?

The NVIDIA video card will process one work unit at a time, but will do so much faster than a single core of a multiprocessor cpu. It won't be 96 times as fast as a cpu, but the speed improvement is still significant.
8) Message boards : Technical News : Precedence Bulk (Dec 10 2009) (Message 957101)
Posted 18 Dec 2009 by Profile Wingless Wonder
I have donated once, more than a year ago, and will probably do so again. But I must say a superficially personal letter puts me off, however worthy the cause is. Partly beacause (sic) of that my donation will not be immediately forthcoming...

Not to worry, suf - I just made another small donation on your behalf to the SETI@home project, the first time I've donated twice in one year.
9) Message boards : Technical News : Precedence Bulk (Dec 10 2009) (Message 954075)
Posted 12 Dec 2009 by Profile Wingless Wonder
I received the email and it appears to be a plain text attachment, rather than plain text in the body of the message. I think plain text in the body is best, if I had a preference.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Warning for Cuda (Message 951916)
Posted 3 Dec 2009 by Profile Wingless Wonder
Duly noted.
11) Message boards : Technical News : Sad Trombone (Nov 25 2009) (Message 950447)
Posted 28 Nov 2009 by Profile Wingless Wonder
In response to some less-than-positive comments about the state of SETI@home, its servers, not being able to obtain work, etc., I myself volunteer use of my computer because I feel like it. No one is twisting my arm to do so. I maintain a two-day work cache in anticipation of the occasional outages, along with participation in other BOINC projects. I rarely run out of work. If I did, no big deal.

I don't feel that the folks at SETI@home owe me some sort of debt of gratitude. On the contrary, I feel privileged to be able to participate in any of the BOINC projects.
12) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250, but "No CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPUs found" (Message 947418)
Posted 15 Nov 2009 by Profile Wingless Wonder
By default, the later BOINC versions will not install as a service (the protected application execution option), at least for the Windows x64 applications. The user must override the default installation to install BOINC as a service - DON'T DO THIS!

Windows 7 x64
AMD Phenom II 940 processor
(two) EVGA GTX 280 graphics cards
13) Questions and Answers : GPU applications : NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250, but "No CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPUs found" (Message 944344)
Posted 1 Nov 2009 by Profile Wingless Wonder
I'm wondering if there is another easy way to figure out what driver is in use by the videocard. I don't have Windows 7, nor an nVidia videocard with CUDA, but I really feel that your drivers aren't installed correctly or aren't in use by the OS.

In Vista and Windows 7, click Start button, type Device Manager in the search field, then open Device Manager and select Display adapters. Right-click on specific video card being used, then click on Properties, then the Driver tab to show which driver is being used for that specific card.

I'm using two NVIDIA GTX 280 cards using NVIDIA GeForce driver 191.07 for Windows 7 x64.
14) Questions and Answers : Windows : Screensaver slows processing (Message 114095)
Posted 23 May 2005 by Profile Wingless Wonder
Origami posted by Thurlow Farnsworth
[font=Arial]Could be, but I never saw this as problematic with the classic version. I'm running AMD Athlon 2700+ with 512mb RAM, and this happens even tho nothing else is running other than the start-up support stuff.
There's one way to know for sure - disable the graphics display of the SETI@home screensaver by checking 'Go to blank screen' setting > minutes to go blank = 0 (zero).

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