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Message 1242264 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 15:50:19 UTC

RIP Ray Bradbury, story on

Science fiction author Ray Bradbury, whose imagination yielded classic books such as "Fahrenheit 451," "The Martian Chronicles" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes," has died at 91, his publisher said Wednesday.

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Message 1242272 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 15:57:35 UTC

Another great one has left our earthly plane.

But not before entertaining, delighting, and inspiring countless millions across generations by sharing his most wonderfully creative mind.

Rest in peace, Ray Bradbury.
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Message 1242276 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 16:01:38 UTC

Indeed, RIP.
He was inspiring, to say the absolute least.
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Message 1242284 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 16:09:34 UTC

He lived in peace and will continue to live forever in his words and thoughts.
I knew of his illness and I am sure that he has found relief and a new beginning. We on this earth have been enriched and challenged to strive and create.

Remember Ray and his work.

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Message 1242309 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 16:24:50 UTC

Oh my gosh, one of my favourite authors. 451F the temperature at which paper burns ....
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Message 1242366 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 17:18:07 UTC

Farewell Mr. Bradbury. You brought many a wonderful restless night.

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Message 1242403 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 18:59:27 UTC - in response to Message 1242366.  

Yes very sad news indeed.
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Message 1242427 - Posted: 6 Jun 2012, 20:25:42 UTC

A fellow Illinoisan, born nearby where I live, Bradbury was born in Waukegan, IL. Loved reading his books. He will be missed by many.
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Message 1242616 - Posted: 7 Jun 2012, 4:45:57 UTC

RIP Ray.
Spent some time at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society clubhouse some years back. Memories.

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Message 1242618 - Posted: 7 Jun 2012, 4:49:14 UTC


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Message 1242620 - Posted: 7 Jun 2012, 4:53:56 UTC

Read "The Illustrated Man" in an SF as Literature class in high school. What little the teacher knew about SF&F she learned the previous summer. Picked some winners, though - Childhood's End, Planet of the Apes, R.U.R. My girlfriend and I wound up helping teach the class the next semester......

All I can add to what has already been said is "Thanks, Ray".

As long as his works are read and enjoyed, he will still be with us.
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Message 1242679 - Posted: 7 Jun 2012, 8:32:24 UTC

Very sad news indeed. RIP Ray Bradbury
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Message 1242709 - Posted: 7 Jun 2012, 10:08:33 UTC

Very sad news :/ R.I.P Ray...
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Message 1243276 - Posted: 8 Jun 2012, 12:16:06 UTC
Last modified: 8 Jun 2012, 12:25:22 UTC

In memoriam---->Ray Bradbury

Interesting, because among the guests of the talk you can see to Mr Arthur C.Clarke and Mr Carl Sagan.

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