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Message 2972 - Posted: 1 Jul 2004, 3:21:29 UTC

I don't mean to be picky, but how can the same question be posted over and over again, next to each other? Doesn't anybody scroll before posting? or do a keyword search? The redundant threads make it hard with this kind of board format to find real questions and answers.

Sorry, but there are just too many to ignore. And the home page sez it all. They are still working out the glitches.
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Russ Whitty

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Message 2982 - Posted: 1 Jul 2004, 3:46:58 UTC

I'm not making excuses but if you arent experienced with computers, which quite a few of us aren't, including myself, then the default setting for this page of showing the most frequently asked question first means that if there is a problem affecting many people the questions are on the last page. It would probably help us computer illiterate if the page defaulted to most recent questions first. As I said,not an excuse but probably one of the reasons for the problem.
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Volunteer tester

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Message 2984 - Posted: 1 Jul 2004, 3:53:11 UTC

I agree with Russ, but there will always be those that feel that their situation is somehow different, and that asking the same question is somehow justified.

These are the same people who will stand there, read a sign, then do exactly what the sign says not to do, because the sign obviously applies to other people. :-)

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Message 3035 - Posted: 1 Jul 2004, 7:21:34 UTC

Also, I don't think many people would be this patient to make keyword searches, if each page takes half a minute to load even on a broadband connection. =)
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Profile Thierry Van Driessche
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Message 3088 - Posted: 1 Jul 2004, 10:19:59 UTC
Last modified: 20 Jul 2004, 13:14:06 UTC

I already asked in the Beta test phase to change the default setting to "Most recent answer first" but this was not realized as other problems had very probably higher priority.
I put the change as wish in the "Wish" list.
Hope DEV people will have time to read it and to make the necessary change.

Greetings from Belgium.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Nobody Reads or Does a Keyword Search

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