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Message 1066889 - Posted: 15 Jan 2011, 6:39:51 UTC

Been using an Intel Core2Quad @2.66GHz, 4GB RAM and an ATI Radeon X1950 with Vista64 for years without hassle until SETI's server troubles late 2010; now it crashes everytime when running as a screensaver ?! Causing all these BSOD's :-

I've updated the ATI drivers and done my regular 'housekeeping', any ideas?

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Message 1066910 - Posted: 15 Jan 2011, 10:02:08 UTC - in response to Message 1066889.  
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Well, that Seti got new servers is just a coincidence. Hardware can go broken at any time. And besides, the actual science applications haven't changed, while the servers themselves haven't fallen on top of your machine. It's like saying your old car broke down because people you vaguely know and who live 4 blocks away got a new car. Totally coincidental.

Now, with all those STOP errors, I'd close down the computer first and open up the case. After cleaning the insides (again), removing all dust (again), eyeball all capacitors. What you're looking for is bulging capacitors. And if you find any, you may be in dire need of a new motherboard. Don't forget to eyeball added hardware as well (videocard, audiocard, network card, other cards).

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Message 1067224 - Posted: 16 Jan 2011, 3:47:31 UTC

The ati card is likely a red herring as well. other that what Jord has suggested just reinstalling or updating motherboard drivers is probably all you need

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Message 1080226 - Posted: 22 Feb 2011, 0:53:35 UTC

I no longer use the SETI screensaver graphics as my system is otherwise stable; these past two months have been an ordeal with your servers; the latest event has been disappearing work unit credits i.e. tens of units not being accredited. It's of no real practical consequence other than moral and pride of achievement but nevertheless another demerit for reliability.
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Message 1080232 - Posted: 22 Feb 2011, 1:56:03 UTC
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Your work is not probably going to waste, it is just taking forever for all the workunits to get validated. I'm sitting on over 180k of outstanding credit and it keeps growing, but for right now I'm happy the servers are up and running and sending out credit. It usually takes a good 2-4 weeks after an outage for everything to level back out, and after a couple of outages in a row it could be awhile before you see any credit to your stats. Check your pending credits, you would be amazed sometimes how much is actually in there.

PS, do not ever use the screen saver, it messes up your GPU cards and causes bad results, but maybe thats just my experience. I do not run any screensaver ever. That just takes away from the CPU or GPU, just put your monitor to sleep and save the power to crunch.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : BSOD's since new SETI servers

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