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Message 2537 - Posted: 29 Jun 2004, 8:29:29 UTC
Last modified: 20 Jul 2004, 13:49:16 UTC

A team of astronomers have found a colossal black hole so ancient, they're not sure how it had enough time to grow to its current size, about 10 billion times the mass of the Sun.

Sitting at the heart of a distant galaxy, the black hole appears to be about 12.7 billion years old, which means it formed just one billion years after the universe began and is one of the oldest supermassive black holes ever known.

The black hole, researchers said, is big enough to hold 1,000 of our own Solar Systems and weighs about as much as all the stars in the Milky Way.

You can find the rest of the story here

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Message 2538 - Posted: 29 Jun 2004, 8:37:47 UTC

Wow, that´s a big old one!!

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