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Message 916568 - Posted: 10 Jul 2009, 18:00:54 UTC

Hi all,
I've got several linux boxes running the command line version of boinc/seti. I usually ssh into them, cd to the machine's dedicated dir and do any admin using the boinc_cmd tool. All that's fine but I'd like to do this without having to ssh. So I tried the line:
./boinc_cmd --host <host name or IP address> --passwd <strong key> --get_state

but I get the following error.
connect: Connection refused
can't connect to <host name>

Do I have to open ports or some such? Is there an alternative that I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance,

PS: Sorry if this was covered already, but can't find it.
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Message 916576 - Posted: 10 Jul 2009, 18:49:13 UTC - in response to Message 916568.  

I'm not quite sure, but perhaps the remote controlling mechanism with gui_rpc_auth.cfg and remote_hosts.cfg is used here too. See Controlling BOINC remotely in the BOINC wiki.

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Message 916580 - Posted: 10 Jul 2009, 19:36:03 UTC
Last modified: 10 Jul 2009, 19:42:25 UTC

On the Client machines have you set --allow_remote_gui_rpc?
Or are you using .cfg files to control the lists of hosts that can connect remotely?

Let us know, we'll try our best to help you further!!!
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Message 917563 - Posted: 14 Jul 2009, 9:19:32 UTC - in response to Message 916580.  

It's easy when you know how! Thanks guys, that web page is what I was looking for. Problem solved. Added the remote_host.cfg, restarted and presto.
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