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Todd Fryar

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Message 902495 - Posted: 1 Jun 2009, 14:56:07 UTC

I have several machines running, and none of them are getting credit for crunch Astropulse. They will spend 100-200 hours crunching one, just to have the credit stay at pending for weeks. If this continues, I will configure them to not accept Astropulse tasks. What's going on?
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Message 902509 - Posted: 1 Jun 2009, 16:08:39 UTC - in response to Message 902495.  

They are Pending credit, waiting for your wingman to upload and report them. All work is checked between at least two computers, to ensure that the data you send back isn't complete hogwash. Only after both computers have returned about the same work, will credit be granted.

Astropulse can take quite a long time on everyone's computers. If it already takes you 100-200 hours, it may take your wingman that much or more as well.

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Message 902863 - Posted: 2 Jun 2009, 11:09:20 UTC

why am i getting astronomical and impossible deadlines to meet with astropulse...can somebody talk to me intelligently and slow for this life form is in a very delicate state at this time of his existance or current life cycle. im sorry...have been marooned in ohio too long and am being absorbed while futiley fighting these backward creatures and find myself de=evolving. i would like to stay at the comcenter 24/7 but I have to make an attempt at making a living and blending in. if they find out who i am i will not divulge of your identities or acknowledge your existance. wait a sec my neighbors here and wants to know if the Earth is still flat...and the center of the Universe too.I assured him so and sent him on his way safe and secure of his supreriority over me or I have to preserve what sanity I have left. know i now how Robinson Crusoe on Mars must have felt like had it truly happened...or did it?
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Message 902894 - Posted: 2 Jun 2009, 13:44:46 UTC - in response to Message 902863.  

IR8pir8 you need to read the Astropulse FAQ. there is a reason you won't finish the AP WU on time. you are running an 863Mhz CPU. The REcommended CPU is a minimum of 1.6Ghz. This is a big difference in CPU's You'll probably want to only run seti-enhanced(multibeam or MB) WU's from now on. Even then the Deadline is going to be your enemy.
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