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Message 29882 - Posted: 25 Sep 2004, 3:38:57 UTC
Last modified: 25 Sep 2004, 3:39:40 UTC

Microsoft team ranking
rank 211 Microsoft 1164 889.56 58038.91

My team - I'm the founder, president and CEO
rank 200 Canuck Potheads 1 749.56 60441.32 Canada

Very proud grin...

Take that, you happy, overpaid bunch of nerds...

Take that...


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Message 29916 - Posted: 25 Sep 2004, 8:09:04 UTC


...Microsoft is kinda messed up, So many use their crap YET IT TOTALLY BLOWS!!

Seriously they need to make a "Windows Lite" where theres no fancy crap, just a simple OS and shell.
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