Preferences/Venue keeps getting reset.

Questions and Answers : Preferences : Preferences/Venue keeps getting reset.
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Message 10402 - Posted: 20 Jul 2004, 21:19:26 UTC

I haven't touched my preferences since June 26th (it says so), yet my BOINC machines keep forgetting that they are supposed to be using 'work' or 'school' preferences...and switching to the default/home preference. And, the venue setting for the computer hasn't changed for longer....

This is very annoying, because 'school' preference is to only run at night...but when it gets runs all day...which isn't when I'm allowed to run it.

Not so bad with the difference between 'work' and 'home'....where the difference is mainly whether or not it can run while the computer is not idle.

'home' means run only when idle....

'home' and 'work' (and 'school' for that matter) do not denote locations for me...but rather the type of machine I'm running on.

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Message 10403 - Posted: 20 Jul 2004, 21:28:16 UTC

I read in a post that there was a bug, hopefully it wil be fixed in an update....

Bah!!! I am in it for the money
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Message 34803 - Posted: 10 Oct 2004, 10:13:09 UTC
Last modified: 10 Oct 2004, 10:26:10 UTC

The bug is a conzeptional one : the venue should be a local setting, not web based.

I doubt it will really be fixed, web based settings seem to be a dogma so they'll probably find a workarround instead of a bugfix.

edit: As it is still not fixed - you find the active venue in the file client_state.xml, you can edit it with a text editor while the client is shutdown and replace




(angle brackets replaced with square brackets)

On the next start, it will be on "School" settings.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Preferences/Venue keeps getting reset.

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