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Hello World,

My name is Robert. I'm from Teutopolis Il.. It's a small town of 1,200 and over 95% Catholic. I have lived in my state just about all my life, for a short time I lived in Dover Tennessee [land between the lakes], my home away from home. I was raised in Neoga Il. where my Parents still live, another very small town. I'm 49 years old, married, one child who is 29 years old.

I work for a local College. I've been there for 18 years.

I have another love other then my wife. She is called Nature. She is my first love and as I see it, a Gift from God. Whenever I get a chance I partake of Her I go, fishing, hunting, camping are ways that I partake. Amateur Astronomy is another way I partake.

I'm very much a Christian man. Catholic. My Faith is a very important in my life. It permeates my whole life. I will not deny my God. I firmly believe in Intelligent Design. It is a science. I really don't care if you believe or like this fact, however, I will defend my God in forums. So you had better be on top of YOUR game if you wish to banter with me.

In the last three months (summer of 2013) I have found that SETI is indeed intolerant of another's Faith in God. It has been shown time and time again that they will not follow their own rules. One must red x a post to have it removed. I find this very distasteful. First point is I must be the one who steps on another's freedom of speech. Second the rules here are clear and one persons intolerance of another's Faith should be a point for the mods, not the man whose Faith was slandered. Because they allow such slander, and will not remove it themselves, they themselves are just as responsible for the slander and intolerance. They make sport of such intolerance and the mods here allow it. They allow it just so they can in time remove the person of Faith. This has been done to me time after time. They do out and out lie, many are liars. One came right out and said that Jesus's home town wasn't a town at the time of Christ. I proved him wrong and called him out on it. He lied. I called the man the liar that he is and, because of that I was given a two week vacation for calling it how it is. How is that for tolerance of another mans Faith? Many people here who have no idea what my Faith is all about think they can educate me on my Faith that I have had for my whole life. They have said I cannot hold my belief in Intelligent Design because my faith says I shouldn't hold this belief. My Faith doesn't say this at all. I pointed this very fact out to them. They once gain lied and twisted my Faiths words to suit themselves. Most, not all here are liars. All of them in some way, shape or form participated in the slander of my Faith.

All the people who run this site, also the ones from Berkeley are at this site but use avatars. Each and every last one I have engaged in debate and have won. I have engaged them in their own field of study and have won. This is a matter of ego with them, they have made it personal. I must say I have very much enjoyed kicking their butts. LOL!

Well, it's true. There is nothing but bigots here. Most of the people here wouldn't know science if it was slapped upside their heads. Bigots against my science and bigots against my Faith.

"If you picture Time as a straight line along which we have to travel, then you must think of God as the whole page on which the line is drawn."

~C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I run SETI@home for the opportunity to understand better what God has done for all of us. Here, I get to meet and talk to people who are diametrically opposed to what I myself believe. Believe it or not; I learn from you how to be better at knowing our God, among many other things. I do hope your minds a big enough and open enough to allow my thoughts to be entered here. At times so far, it seems that opposing viewpoints are not allowed. At times it seems that such views are vigorously stamped out in favor of only views that are held by Seti. I have to wonder if your own views are so shakey that opposing viewpoints will not be tolerated? I reckon we shall see?

I really don't think this project will yield anything, it hasn't yet and that so far just goes to prove Intelligent Design. However, if it does find life--out there--you can bet your bottom dollar that God Created that life as well. And, that life will have a belief in a Creator as well.

Fermi's Paradox:

The story goes that, one day back on the 1940's, a group of atomic scientists, including the famous Enrico Fermi, were sitting around talking, when the subject turned to extraterrestrial life. Fermi is supposed to have then asked, "So? Where is everybody?" What he meant was: If there are all these billions of planets in the universe that are capable of supporting life, and millions of intelligent species out there, then how come none has visited earth? This has come to be known as The Fermi Paradox.

Fermi realized that any civilization with a modest amount of rocket technology and an immodest amount of imperial incentive could rapidly colonize the entire Galaxy. While interstellar distances are vast, perhaps too vast to be conquered by living creatures with finite lifetimes, it should be possible for an advanced civilization to construct self-reproducing, autonomous robots to colonize the Galaxy. The idea of self-reproducing automaton was proposed by mathematician John von Neumann in the 1950's. The idea is that a device could 1) perform tasks in the real world and 2) make copies of itself (like bacteria). The fastest, and cheapest, way to explore and learn about the Galaxy is to construct Bracewell-von Neumann probes. A Bracewell-von Neumann probe is simply a payload that is a self-reproducing automaton with an intelligent program (AI) and plans to build more of itself.

Attached to a basic propulsion system, such as a Bussard RamJet, such a probe could travel between the stars at a very slow pace. When it reaches a target system, it finds suitable material (like asteroids) and makes copies of itself.

Growth of the number of probes would occur exponentially and the Galaxy could be explored in 4 million years. While this time span seems long compared to the age of human civilization, remember the Galaxy is over 10 billion years old and any past extraterrestrial civilization could have explored the Galaxy 250 times over. Within a few million years, every star system could be brought under the wing of empire. A few million years may sound long, but in fact it's quite short compared with the age of the Galaxy, which is roughly ten thousand million years. Colonization of the Milky Way should be a quick exercise.

So what Fermi immediately realized was that the aliens have had more than enough time to pepper the Galaxy with their presence. But looking around, he didn't see any clear indication that they're out and about. This prompted Fermi to ask what was (to him) an obvious question: "where is everybody?"

Also, if one considers the amount of time the Galaxy has been around (over 10 billion years) and the speed of technological advancement in our own culture, then a more relevant point is where are all the super-advanced alien civilizations. Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev proposed a useful scheme to classify advanced civilizations, he argues that ET would posses one of three levels of technology. A Type I civilization is similar to our own, one that uses the energy resources of a planet. A Type II civilization would use the energy resources of a star, such as a Dyson sphere. A Type III civilization would employ the energy resources of an entire galaxy. A Type III civilization would be easy to detect, even at vast distances.

This sounds a bit silly at first. The fact that aliens don't seem to be walking our planet apparently implies that there are no extraterrestrials anywhere among the vast tracts of the Galaxy. Many researchers consider this to be a truthful conclusion to draw from such a simple observation. Surely there is a straightforward explanation for what has become known as the Fermi Paradox. There must be some way to account for our apparent loneliness in a galaxy that we assume is filled with other clever beings. But alas, it is just wishful thinking.
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