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Hello, my name is Chris Greenstein, I'm 25 years old and, originally from Florida. I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy novels always hoping there would be more to life than just the day to day. I guess that's why I started using the SETI at home project. I've been running it off and on since I became aware of it years ago, but now that I've got a cable modem I just leave it on when I go to work or go to bed. That's the only thing I know I can do that might help to make a daydream a reality. Who knows? I'd love to live the adventure in one of my novels, and though some might think it foolish, there's no harm in trying. If one never chases a dream, then one loses what it is to be alive- chasing dreams is what makes us human and our dreams are as much a part of reality as we make them.
Hobbies... I still love reading, though I also enjoy writing, fencing, listening to music, and any new adventure I can find to break away from routine... Why be normal?
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think it's possible for extraterrestrial life to exist. To turn one's nose up at that possibility is sheer arrogance. One should never say a thing is impossible, just because it lies beyond current grasp or scope. That said, I don't know how we will discover life from beyond our planet....or how "they" will discover us for that matter.

As far as transmitting a beacon for others to find. Why not? (I know there's many answers to this, but discounting that they see how violent we are amongst ourselves and take that as a warning or a threat....) Some of us should at least put forth the effort to show we are trying to act as mature and deserving citizens of the universe... Otherwise, if some of us aren't at least showing that, and seeking communication, perhaps we would be discovered and shamed by not putting forth the effort, or even considered unworthy of communication for being closed off, or unwilling to even show a level of maturity that is open to communication. Making the assumption that math is the universal language (even though I don't much care for it), we should broadcast equations- maybe a schematic of our space shuttle, music, and perhaps most importantly, pictures that would show them there is an advanced form of life here.

I feel that this project is necessary if we are to ever be contacted, or considered worthy of contact. My suggestion? Keep at it. Never let the project be discounted as a mere daydream or fantasy. All of our accomplishments have been made by embracing a fantasy. If we give up this project, then we are denying our humanity by denying a dream.
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