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My computers used to sit at home guarding the house most of the day, or waiting in case I called on them to print, or serve sound and/or vision files to wherever I am. Now I am retired, they still await my command, but by and large I only ever use one at a time. They run in energy efficient mode when I'm not actually using them, so instead of turning them off I decided to use the otherwise wasted idle time on something I consider useful. On the main PC I use a reasonable GPU which is crunching SETI when I am not playing with graphics files. My previous PC finally died of old age. (Sealed liquid coolent slowly evaporated') So I got a new one and put it to work one SETI too. I was going to replace the liquid coolant on the old one and have it dedicated to SETI, but it never happened, I gave it to my neighbour to replace his windows 8.1 train wreck instead.

Now that the technology is available My phone also crunches while it's charging. I cracked the screen on my old phone and replaced it with a another. Now the phone benchmarks as good as the old one plus one of my other PCs combined. The phone just runs when I'm charging. So that is overnight. My landline, which is an Android device too. It crunches while its on charge too. (IE. Most of the time.)Though it is not a very powerful device.

I Play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, and other role playing games, but only use my computers for writing scenarios and for creating maps of my own little world. Most of the playing time is done sitting around a real table facing real people drinking real ale and rolling real polyhedral dice. Yes, I know I'm geek, but so are most people who will read this. However, I am also the oldest geek I know. Most of you probably get your gaming fix versus a computer. I happen to get mine with other like-minded humans.

I also partisipate in LARP Live Action RolePlay

I am currently 68 years old, chronologically speaking, and ageing a little each year. However, like many folks I speak to, I have the ME inside, who only feels like a 25 year old. Willing to admit to adulthood, but I really wish the old guy would stop standing in front of me when I am at the mirror brushing my hair in the mornings. I wouldn't trade my life experiences for more life though; I doubt many have had the rich life I have led on three continents over three score years.

I am retired now due to poor health but when I was working I was one of those people who spends most of their time telling users that they really will need to have the printer online, with ink or toner, and paper if they expect to print with it. I wrote help systems and tested software as well as providing hotline cover. I did not use work computers for SETI@Home, I pushed them far to hard to have spare CPU time to donate.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I run Seti@Home because I believe in the concept and have computers that can contribute spare capacity.

Years ago I had the old screensaver version running, but that was almost in a previous life. However, when I needed something to hobble my PC because it was detecting too many false alarms, I remembered where to spend my spare flops to do some work I consider useful. I don't need the super graphics card the PC could handle, so I donated the difference to the running of SETI@Home. (It also helped spur another cruncher to give up his cigarette habits.)

I do not presume to know how best to perform this task. Despite running on a shoe string for years, you are doing much better than other projects. Just keep looking and I'll let you use my hardware's free time to help where I can.
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