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Be afraid be very afraid for I'm the bull that moos in the night. A WareBull from COWafornia which in is on a little spinning blob of water and rock in the MILKyway. A COWputer geek for a large outsourcing company by day and an electronic musician by night. [Watch my website for my CD] Other interests include playing Appalachian dulciMOOer, my cats (Bastet and Frejia), and public speaking (Toastmaster - CTM/CL). Toastmasters is a lot of fun you should give it a try. I have visited Palomar, Mt. Wilson, and Kitt Peak national observatories. The 60" @ Mt. Wilson didn't impress me much (I have friends with there own 30"!) but the 100" did. The neatest telescope I think was the Mc Math Solar at Kitt Peak. As I used to work at Griffith Obs I did actually get to go in with the 200" at Palomar WOW that's BIG. Terraforming Mars should be a global priority - Yah go there and look for life but I think making a 2nd home for earth life if we could is important.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
SETI should be SETT (Search for ET Technology) or perhaps SETR (Search for ET Radio). I doubt we will find anything - I think that if taking Earth as an example there is just not enough time overlap that will have radio leakage we might pickup. The most likely radio will be from Deep Space networks or Military Orbital search radars. I doubt we will ever pick up the ET equivalent of "I Love Lucy". Well then what about a deliberate message - well we have sent out only one by radio. Not likely if we are a typical example that we will run into one coming back at us. Too bad we are not doing other things with all this data and COWputing power. [UPDATE: WE ARE DOING OTHER THINGS! YEPEE] What about looking for Earth sized planet induced "wobble" around Sun type stars? There are two changes I'd like to see with the program: 1) When you find bad data coming from someone let them know! [Still would like to see this one] 2) How about a "Speed" option for windows ... that does less graphics and runs faster? [Duh ... blank the screen saver] BTW: This is what I use to run SETI at home: PIII 866/133, PIII 750/100, PIII 500/100, Cel 500/100 (Yes it's a 300A overclocked by changing the FSB to 100, runs just fine-Darn just voided that one he he). None of the systems are dedicated ... but all run most of the time.
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